Drama as Offa TIC Chair allegedly slaps treasurer over N150m council funds

...chases him within council premises LG boss acts without due process - Staff Not true, it was a blackmail - LG boss

By Ahmed Ajikobi
Offa Local Government Area of Kwara State was thrown into a dramatic session last Thursday as the Transition Implementation Committee Chairman of the local government, Jare Olatundun, allegedly threw caution to the wind by giving the treasurer of the council, Abdullahi Sheu, a resounding slap, leading to the latter rushing out of office while the chairman ran after him to give him more beatings.
Delving into the natter, National Pilot gathered that the brawl started when the Treasurer refused to sign a N150m cheque for the chairman to purchase a tipper lorry which the treasurer insisted must pass through due process.
When the other workers were trying to know what happened, it was gathered that they became furious when the treasurer narrated his ordeal and they all vowed to proceed on strike.
Speaking to our reporter, one of the local government staff who prefers anonymity, said the chairman had been acting without following due process on financial activities in the council.
The source said that, he had been arbitrary on issue of finance, adding that neither the director of personnel management nor treasurer would be carried along in his activities in the council.
“The chairman has bought so many things in the council including the tipper lorry without consulting the DPM nor the treasurer.”
Narrating the incident, the source said that, “the chairman called the treasurer on Thursday asked him to release N150million.
“The treasurer refused to do so stating that, the chairman had never for once carried him along in any of the financial activities”. The treasurer insisted that the chairman should produce any documents to back his expenses, or else he won’t release the money, saying that he is a civil servant and he can’t continue to sign any cheque that he won’t be able to defend, a statement that didn’t go down well with the chairman.
“The issue generated argument between the duo. With anger, the chairman slapped the treasurer and to avoid further beating, the treasurer open the door and ran out crying, while the chairman pursued him to the gate.
“Seeing what is happening, other staff rose to his defence, to amend the affairs of the council that was said to have been destabilised by the new chairman and declared that they would not go to work again.
“The former Chairman of the council, Aro Folaranmi and other stakeholders had intervened and pacified the workers back to work, settling the issue between the treasurer and the chairman and the workers agreed to resume work on Monday.
Part of the agreement is that “the chairman should follow due process in his financial transactions and demands.”
It was gathered that the NULGE of Offa Local Government shut the gate when the chairman wanted to leave, and he was said to have shouted at them but the NULGE officials refused to open the gate for him. It took the efforts of other workers before they finally let him leave.
The staff drew attention of the State House of Assembly to the chairman’s action, especially the house members from Offa local government not to allow the matter to be swept under the capets as all Kwarans and not only Offa people have interest in the case.
Meanwhile, the Chairman, Jare Olatundun has denied the incident saying that, it was a blackmail.
Olatundun explained that he doesn’t have such amount in the account not to talk of asking treasurer to release such fund to him.
“I didn’t slap the treasurer and nothing like that happened between us. It was a propaganda.



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