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Insecurity: Let Holy Book guide your administration, Islamic scholar charge govt

An Ibadan based scholar, Shaikh Salahudeen Akindele has charged the Nigeria government to make use of Al-Qur’an, the Holy Book of Allah to guide them in governing the country.

The scholar made this known at a programme organised by the organisation of Tadhamunul Muslimeen, Kwara state branch held at the sultanat mosque Adewole area, Ilorin.

Akindele, while alluding to the problem of insecurity, lack of social amenities, education and power facing the country, said, “Quran has remedy for every problem in the world. During the time of Prophet Muhammad, there were issues and they were solved with guidance from the Holy Qur’an.

“Such measure can also be applied in the current issue we are facing.

“Whenever we are in trouble, Allah has given us some recommendations as solution to the problem of humanity.” The Cleric said.

He explained that, solution to Nigerian problem is for the people to start believing in God, because the absence of belief has led to people killing each other for ritualistic purpose among other evil deeds.

“Lack of belief in God also contributed to several ills in the society such as money ritual, kidnapping, drinking of alcohol. If the humanity follow the Holy Book of Allah. We will overcome every problem.”

The scholar explained further that, people no longer have the fear of God in them adding that without fear of Allah, things will always go wrong.

“Nigerian leaders should have at heart, the fear of Allah. That’s the standard rule the country. Every leader will be questioned on how they ruled their subjects on the day of judgement.

“Mismanagement of public fund and resources is another issue, whereby Nigerians don’t have access to good roads, good medical care, standard education among others. If government can follow the Holy Book guidelines Nigeria will be good.”

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