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Mawlud Nabbiy: The Prophet is worthy of celebration – Cleric

By Jimoh Sulyman

A Cleric in Ilorin has noted that, there is nothing wrong in the celebration of the birth of the Noble Prophet Muhammad, stressing that the Prophet is worthy of all celebration due to his efforts towards the salvation of mankind.

This was contained in the sermon delivered by Imam Isiaq Yakub, the Imam of Osere/Oko-Erin/Odo-Okun central Mosque, Ilorin ,on Friday while addressing the congregation, before leading the congregants in the compulsory weekly two units prayer.

The Imam said that, the Prophet endured a lot of hardship in course of spreading the light of Islam due to stern opposition encountered in the pagans of Makkah before he was eventually forced out of the city hence his migration to Yathrib (Madinah).

Yakub however issued a caveat saying that, “Celebration in itself is not against the fundamental of Islam but what should be avoided are the excesses and transgressions some people are often involved in during the celebration”.

He added that, “the Mawlud is not just about the celebration and fanfare but a moment for collective reflection of the Muslim Ummah (community) and also it is a time to learn more about the Prophet and emulating his uprightness”.

The Celebration of Mawlud over the years has been a controversial topic within the Muslim community, with many people having diverse view to it, some group stood against the celebration arguing that, the Prophet nor his companions celebrated it.

While some other people who are in favour of the auspicious celebration maintained that the celebration is just a way of remembering the Prophet and that Islam does not prohibit such an endeavour.

While stating his vantage point, Imam Yakub, argued that, “there are precedence for the celebration of Mawlud from the Sunnah of the Prophet. Prophet Muhammad himself was asked by his companion who does he always fast on Monday.

“The Prophet answered that he is fasting to commemorate the day of his birth, which is on Monday, for him to be fasting on weekly basis rather than once in a year, that shows the significance of the birth of the noble Prophet.

“There are instances of where the Companions of the Prophet sat together in a gathering, when He (Prophet) asked them what are they doing, they replied him that they’re thanking Allah for gifting the Prophet to them and the Ummah and the Prophet didn’t dissuade them from  doing so.

“In Sharia, the Prophet’s silence on any action means that such deed is permissible and can not be made illegitimate by anybody, the Mawlud itself is a way of thanking Allah for the light of guidance He sent to humanity through Prophet Muhammad”, the Islamic Scholar stated.

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