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Debt our daymare

Debts our hero in our zeros

No audacity to refuse you

Liability in class that clearly shows

Its reality had cut many into pieces

Nigerians are now united in debts

No one want to be your slave

Please, debts let us go

Debts, strange obligation that changes life

National coincidence or individual’s die-


Or what is the meaning of this?

When many parents can’t measure up

What else could be worse

Nigeria can be better than this

Debts, please let us go

Now too big to be ignored

Jobless and koboless many now lives in


Thoughts many FG not in the vision of its quest

Hard to take another necessary try

We don’t want to be slave anymore

Debts, testing possibilities in life restitution

Many things to many people

Be without money, but without values

Augment or our life

lie in the bay of time

money better be well mastered

-By A. Ayo-Brown

The strange feeling of owing not one but many. Like breaking news, debt is now an essential commodity for many if not all Nigerians, yes or no. It is what it is, it is true.

Modern debts are no jokes, not united by business, but ever than before more Nigerians are now more united in more debts. Keeping up with the present in Nigeria is getting more difficult by the day, our governments need to clean up.

Kudos to those companies that lend people money. Though, it is no choice of the citizens to borrow but for the circumstances found ourselves. Even at any rate, a borrower had no choice.

‘Your loan was overdue for several days! If you don’t pay back, we will inform you of your emergency contact. Repay right now to avoid further severe actions’, was no good message to be received by anyone.

This was about the exact message I received after an anonymous call on my phone to report another default friend. The call which was later clearly discovered to be about him owing many debts in many companies. And being one of the contacts on his mobile phone, I was contacted to urge him in repayment.

No time for napping, but while napping it was too obvious, I was aggrieved and angry even while trying to hide such in my voice and tone. Despite this, the caller noticed I was napping, sleeping in the afternoon, and wondered why he was inconveniencing me by his call.

Of course, he knew exactly what he had done. Good example of a bad example or what, I thought in my mind.

My die-incidence in co-incidence or what, this was while I was passing an unwanted siesta when I am supposed to be elsewhere useful but due a situation beyond my control. Though, not a bad thing on a normal good day. but oh no, not while I was having my own terrible nightmare during the day about the same issue, money.

Debts now in numbers, how do we then survive, instant reactions, I couldn’t hold my back and these conversations ensued between us.

The caller: hello

Me: hello

The caller: Do you know so……?

Me: Yes, I do

The caller: Please Sir he is owing our company some money and he is not picking his calls

Me: Oh no, sorry about that, but I know truly that like myself he is also very broke with no money. Feeding his family has been very difficult. Please bear with him, please.

The caller: but sir, he is not picking his calls

Me: Perhaps when he doesn’t have any good news for you people

The caller: how did you know all this?

Me: My dear, I am in same worst shoes

The caller: Oh, sorry sir

Me: Thanks.

Without allowing another world, the caller quickly switched off the call. As all efforts to return the call proved abortive.

I was a wrong example, perhaps that was his thought as he was too quick to end the call. It’s ok, but not okay because ask around you, most in not all Nigeria is owning one debt or more. All he could to feed his family, his name and image are dented in order to survive.

Tough or tender, jobless or even koboless, life goes on. Afterall, many Nigerians with no other option had decided rightly and wisely when taking these unwanted loans recipes because what option do hungry and famished people have?

While having my own daymares about my debt-mare, don’t blame too much the likes of us because what is wiser than getting food for survival.

FG, states and local governments should all wakeup to their constitutional mandates of providing an enabling environment for lawful citizens to be able to survive this reality.

Debts are no good.

*Ayo-Brown is a Snr System Analyst, he can be reached via


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