I rose through the odds to become great in business – Ogunjobi

For Chief Ayodele Ogunjobi, his foray into the business world wouldn’t have been achievable if not for a driven fate caused as a result of lack of money to further his education after modern school in 1975.

“I joined a company in Ibadan to learn printing work for nearly seven years, and later with Atoto Press here in Ilorin before I set up my own business in 1984.”

Ogunjobi said, at the beginning things were rough, saying it wasn’t a bed of roses for him as he could not raise fund to upshot his business.

“I remembered I started this ID card business with N4:00 which was the proceeds I managed to save from my hard work. Neither family members ready to assist nor any banks willing to give loan.”

He likens his business genesis to that of a crawling child who sees nobody to aid him up.

“Looking back in the days, I thank God that I did not regret going into business. Ogunjobi ID Card is a household name in Kwara State today.”

Speaking on the challenges in the job, he said the request for collateral by the banks before lending a financial aid to business men is the bane to entrepreneurial growth in Nigeria.

“Each time you approached the bank for loan in order to get one business expanded, the responds you got is pathetic. Often time they ask you to present a landed property. If I have a land, why won’t I have converted it to cash in the first place,” he asked.

Ogunjobi however advised youths to always strive for enterprise instead of white collar job.

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