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Muslims should spend in the way of Allah

Muslims have been enjoined to spend their monies in the way of Allah, and assist the less privileged in whatever way they can to better their (less privileged) conditions.

Chief Imam of Ansarudeen central mosque, Ilorin, Imam Shafi Muhammed made this appeal, to Muslims during Jummu’at prayer. He also stated emphatically that whoever wants Allah’s blessings in his or her wealth, they should contribute towards the betterment of God’s works and they shall never lack.

“When you spend in the way of Allah, you will not lack. Those who spent in the way of Allah will receive double of it has reward. Take for instance, one of the companions of Prophet Muhammed (may the peace and blessing of Allah be with him) in person of Abubakri, he spent his money in the way of Allah. Muslims should inculcate such.

Allah says He is the one who gives people wealth, if you are fortunate to be among them, he or she should use it to buy Al-Jannah (paradise).” he said.

Imam Shafi expressed further that some people are bestowed with position of authority by Allah, they should also make use of the opportunities to help others.

“If it is knowledge Allah gives you, you should let people benefit from it, likewise position of authority because He will recompense you.” Imam Shafi stated.

He also encourages Muslims to always visit those who are sick in the hospital adding that it will further make them feel that they have brothers and sisters in Islam.


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