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Day I rose probono in defense of profuse crying husband

Now with Masters in Law, he was called to bar in 2013. Barrister Shehu Salaudeen, popularly known as ‘Kowa’ is one of the great grand descendants of late Islamic Scholar, Sheikh Salaudeen. Hails from Igbaja’s Compound, Okelele Area, Ilorin East Local Government; he was a former Liaison Officer to former Kwara State Governor, Abdulfatah Ahmed.

With a passion for politics and the law profession, the history of Chief Obafemi Awolowo gave him his life-lead. The courses of his religion and people are two driving forces made him to join politics. He is always ready to defend his people and country anywhere and at any level in the World.

In this chat with ADETUNJI AYO-BROWN, Barrister Salaudeen narrated how he took clues from the late sage, Dr Abubakar Olusola Saraki’s philanthropic way of life.

‘And the man was crying, please help me beg my wife’

I was in court for a matter but before my case was called there was a divorce matter between man and wife.

It was a marriage between the husband who was an Offa indigene while the wife was from Ilorin.

Please, court assist me, they want to cheat me. They want to ….I did not want to divorce my wife o…because under the Islamic laws, I married my wife legally.

But just because of little marital disputes, arguments and misunderstandings, my wife left briefly for her parents’ house for about a month or two.

Unexpectedly to the husband’s dismay, news filtered around that she got married to another man. Unfortunately, she was now in court today seeking to divorce the first husband.

Crying profusely and woefully over his calamity in the open court.

Please, help me beg her, he was on his knees begging everyone present.

This triggered my annoyance; I pitied the man and I rose in hid defense over the matter.

Without minding those present, the man was crying, weeping bitterly saying, please help me beg her, I don’t want to divorce my wife.

Since there is an existing valid marriage. She violated her first marriage by another marriage. By this she violates the marriage act.

Though, the entire court was laughing at his dilemma, but I pity and felt somehow and saw substance in the husband’s plea.

Instantly, I remembered that this is one of the reasons and purposes of my becoming a lawyer. I was prompted because I don’t like people being cheated.

The human right activism in me grew high and rose like a friend of the court address, asking for an adjournment for me to take over the matter. I did all this probono.

Unfortunately, the wife was bent and insisted that the marriage must be dissolved. But I told the court, there is no legal justification for the dissolution of the marriage. Because this court is court of substantial justice and not that of threatening. Since there is a valid marriage, the woman must come to court for divorce application process and observe three months isolation period before venture into another.

And for the fact that she failed to do that, such action of hers was tantamount to adultery which must not be allowed to go freely, she must be charged under the law.

But with pleas from families of both the husband and wife, they intervened and decided to abandon the matter. The parties then settled out of court.

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