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Muslim should remain steadfast regardless of predicament – Cleric

By Jimoh  Sulyman

Muslims have been urged to always remain steadfast in the worship of Allah, regardless of what they might be encountering and the trials they might be facing.

This is contained in the sermon delivered on Friday at Onimago central Mosque, mandate housing Estate, Ilorin, by the Chief Imam of the mosque, Imam Barr. Ibrahim Abdullahi Salaty ,while addressing the congregation before leading the weekly two units prayer.

The cleric encouraged the Muslim community to remain steadfast in their worship of Allah, because that is the main essence of the Creation and what Allah requires from all faithfuls.

Barrister Salaty also noted that belief in destiny is an important article of faith, he added that it is imperative for a Muslim to believe in destiny and they must accept what Allah has predestined for them.

“One of the articles of faith in Islam is believing in destiny, a Muslim must believe that everything that occurred, good or bad, has been predestined by Allah and no one has a power to change even a single detail of His plans” ,he said.

The Islamic Scholar however stressed that ,” a Muslim is expected to give in their best efforts in all their endeavour and not to just lie down idle, thinking destiny is going to fulfill itself without individual putting in the effort” ,he noted.

Imam Salaty also encouraged the people to always give gratitude to Allah for all His bounties on them, because that is the only thing Allah asked in return for all His generosity on humanity.

The legal practitioner cum Cleric noted that Allah wants all true believers to be patient and faithful, whenever they seek for a thing from Allah, because Allah is the most timely.

He added that Muslims should totally put their faith in Allah and in Allah alone, and not heedlessly seek for other forces that can bestow upon them what Allah hasn’t given to them.

The cleric reiterated that nobody can grant the heart desire of anybody without the leave of Allah, because surely, He is the doer of all things.

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