Unilorin lecturer attack: I saw her plotting against me in my dream – Student

By Jimoh Sulyman
The video making round on the internet, whereby a final-year student of Microbiology department, Salaudeen Waliu, was seen brutalizing a female lecturer and his project supervisor, Mrs R.F Zakariyah, has been a source of discussion across the media space.
The horrible incident happened on Thursday, 11th of November 2021, around 11am, at department of microbiology university of Ilorin main campus.
While many people have been trying to make sense of the whole situation and get the rationale behind such an outrageous scenario.
However in a fresh revelation,the student involved, Salaudeen Waliu while speaking to Newsmen on Sunday ,has given a shocking reason for his action, when he claimed to have seen the victim, Mrs Zakariyah and his level adviser plotting against him in his dream.
It was gathered that, Waliu went to meet His supervisor Mrs Zakariyah in her office to plead with her to help him waive his mandatory SIWES course,a plea that the lecturer vehemently rejected, thereby ordering him to leave her office.
Zakariyah’s response was said to have infuriated Waliu, he said, “”I got angry, I don’t know what came over me, I started arguing with her when she told me to leave her office, if not, she will get angry,”.
The situation got ugly when Waliu refused to leave the office as he was instructed, he claimed that he was not moved by her threat,”I asked her what will she do if I refuse to leave her office and that I am not going to leave the office, she got angry, then she threw a mug at me which injured me then I started beating her.”
He also disclosed that, Zakariyah did not fight him back because she knew she doesn’t have the power to do so,hence he went on to beat her more, after a round of beating in the office, he thereafter dragged her out of her office to continue the beating.
“When I dragged her out, she tried to runaway from me but I ran after her, upon catching up with her, I kept on beating her before people came to her rescue.I tried to escape but I was later caught by the school security,” Waliu noted.
The assaulter claimed to have been arrested and locked up in Lagos for two months, as a result of which He was unable to attend to the mandatory SIWES duties.
He said “I went to Allen Avenue in Ikeja Lagos, to meet with a friend for the first time. while I was waiting for him, I felt the urge to urinate, so I went ease myself just beside a parked car,I was challenged by someone who started questioning my motive for standing by the car.
“I was accused of being a thief,saying that this is how people come to that area to steal property,I wasn’t allowed to explain myself before the people started beating me up before handing me over to the police where I was locked up for two months.” He said.
Waliu explained that he was frustrated due to the possibility of having an extra year if he did fail his SIWES course.
The matter was said to have been transfer to F-division police unit, but Waliu has been returned back to the University security unit.
Speaking with National Pilot, The state police spokesman, SP Ajayi Okasanmi disclosed that the matter wasn’t officially reported to the police, he said, ” The matter was not refered to the police, this I’m confirming”.
The Vice chancellor of University of Ilorin, Prof Sulyman Age Abdulkareem expressed his sadness over the incident, which he described as unfortunate, he however assured that justice will be done on the matter.
He also ordered that Mrs Zakariyah be properly cared for and the expenses be taken by the school, it was however learned that the victim has been discharged from the University clinic after receiving treatment.
Described as a one to rule the entertainment world, Waliu who is popularly known as Captain Walz is said to be “a promising rap artist” according to a friend of his who spoke to National Pilot under anonymity.
“He is full of talent, a very good rapper, Walz is a jovial guy and full of life ,but lately he has been acting depressed, and has been relying on drugs.
“Very recently, he threatened his ex girlfriend over text message and he did the same to some other people, his actions might be because of his smoking of weeds, which often cause nightmare disorder” he said.


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