I started my business with N20,000 five years back -CEO Blaze Nigeria Limited

Miss Ogundare Mosimiloluwa Olayemi is a young entrepreneur who is into perfumery and also in sales of fashion items like cloths, footwear, Jewry and other fashion items.

She said her love for buying and selling led her into series of business mentioned above.

“I have been into the business for 5years, I started the business in 2017 after my graduation.

“My first set of customer happened to be my family members and later I started posting online to my friends and they patronized me.

According to her, she started with N20,000 ” After my school I started working in Lagos state and my salary was N30,000. I used 20,000 naira out of my salary to start my business.

“It has not been that easy at the early stage but as time goes on we got enlarge and later got warehouse in Surulere.

“We sell our goods with minimum cost. Most of the time our Customers complained that the price is too high but cost of goods and importation will determine our price due to the economic situation. Despite the complain they patronize us because we deal with good and affordable products.”

While speaking on her challenges, she said, “Everything was fine until I was scammed by somebody who ran away with huge amount of money. I sold everything I have in the shop to balance those that I borrowed money from. After that, there was nothing like business.

“That disturbed me psychologically. I had to come down to Ilorin for relocation and at least for my sanity sake.

“After some months I got another physical shop and started all over.”

Olayemi advice the upcoming ones  not to borrow money for business, adding that whatever business one is doing, try as much as possible to be consistence.

She went to Bishop Hughes Memorial Nursery and Primary School, Oke-Ijebu, Community High School, all in Ondo State.

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