IBEDC organizes Career Fair for Kwapoly


By Jimoh Sulyman
The Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) on Thursday organizes a career fair for women, tagged ‘DISCO for Women’, held at Prof Wright Hall, Kwara State Polytechnic ,Ilorin on Thursday.
The event was well attended by the members of the school community,including the staff and students of the institution, leading the roll call is the Rector of the school Engr Dr Abdul Jimoh Mohammed.
The Rector in his address commended the initiative, describing it as a timely effort considering the rate of unemployment in the country urging the company to make it a perennial effort.
He also laud the company for its great service to the people of the country describing them as the cheapest alternative of all sources of energy in the country both for the public and private sector.
He urged them to intensify it service to the people also pay more attention to customers service, by creating an interface for interaction with the customers
In her address the Chief Human Resource Officer of IBEDC,Ms.Ehi Obaseki who was duly represented by Engr Lawal Christopher welcomed the Staff and students of Kwara state Polytechnic to the occasion she described as the second career fair in the power sector.

Obaseki noted that “the essence of the career fair is to provide a unique opportunity for learning, engagement and networking, also to give a glimpse of occurs in the world of works as such”.
She added that, entering work life after completing studies is a two-way process, firstly you must make yourselves attractive to employers and employers must also make an equal effort to attract best students.
Obaseki stated that, what inform the programme was the need to create an equal opportunity for women in the labour market, alluding to the lack of opportunities and backwardness of women in the corporate world.
Stressing that IBEDC is committed to gender equity and cultural diversity in order to create and ideal working environment.
However in her own remark Mrs Angela Olanrewaju, IBEDC Head, Branding and Corporate Communication, noted that the programme will be of great benefit to students of both gender in the school.

She added that, “We will teach them how to make themselves sellable because that has been the greatest challenge of most young graduates, they don’t have the basic skill and etiquette that will make them have the competitive advantage.
“We all know how the labour market is right now, it important for one to know what to input into one’s CV, also one should know the difference between the CV and the Resume and also how to prepare for the interview, those are the essence of having this career fair”, She said.
The event which was held in conjunction with USAID United States Agency international Development (USAID),witnessed the presence multitude of students across several department in the School.
Some of the students that spoke with National Pilot, Ganiyu Mariam Olaitan,a HND 2 student of Banking and finance department ,expressed her delight to be present at the programm, thanking IBEDC for the great initiative.

She said, “This programme really enlightened us and it gave us many opportunities to learn new things especially in regards to our career, we were taught how to position ourselves in the labour market to stand a chance of getting good job opportunity.
“I want to commend the IBEDC for this initiative and I hope they continue with it”, Olaitan submitted.
in the same vein, another student, Sofiyullah Habib,stated that, “I have been able to realize a lot of things about the company and what it stands for, and I will like them intensify their effort in teaching the students in their career path.
“I want to thank the company for their efforts in improving the value of the students in the labour market”.
The event was held amidst strict compliance with the Covid-19 protocol, with audiences sitting leaving a seat in between.

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