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Be agents of peace, not chaos, cleric urges Muslims

By Jimoh Sulyman

Muslims have been admonished to embrace peace and harmony in whichever society they found themselves and never should they be the cause of chaos and disunity.

This was preached on Friday, during Khutbah delivered by Imam Ahmad Abdullah ,the Imam of Olohun logaju central Mosque,Cemetery road Ilorin, the Kwara state capital.

The Imam urges Muslims all over the globe to emulate the peaceful nature of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) ,as he had preached all through his life and as it was written in the Holy Qur’an.

Abdullahi stressed that the importance of peace can not be overstated, noting that the price paid for destruction ,always outweigh the few benefits that might come out of it.

Adding that the effects of war always linger around even after the hostility is over, the impact will still be felt among the people in their daily lives and that the economy will take a great hit.

The cleric noted that, a society without peace will be kept on hold and will find it difficult to achieve any meaningful development, hence peace must be jealously safeguarded by the people at all cost.

“The Prophet priorities peace over war, that is why most of his military expeditions are defensive and not punitive and the Prophet goes through many process in order to actualize peace accord” ,Abdullahi said.

In other part of the sermon, the religious scholar urges Muslims to remain steadfast and always maintain justice among themselves, for Allah loves the steadfast and just.

“Allah the greatest and magnificent, expects steadfastness from all His creations, because this life is a test and only the people that remain steadfast fast in their Lord will be successful in the end.

“Our lord wants us to be just amongst ourselves, Allah instituted Justice to the extent that He made injustice forbidden to Himself, which is to tell us the gravity of being unjust”, the Imam stated.


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