APC’s Panic response misses the real message

The Lagos Good Governance Forum (LGGF), a socio-political group in Lagos State has described the press statement by the All Progressives Congress (APC) in response to the defection of the Lagos4Lagos group members into the rival Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as a panic measure which was not well-thought-out.
The LGGF in a statement signed by its Co-ordinator, Alhaji Lateef Femi Gbajumo noted that the Lagos APC in its usual shallow way of attacking every development it found disagreeable missed the real message symbolised by the movement of the Lagos4Lagos Movement led by Mr. Abdulazeez Olajide Adediran into the PDP and rather chose to attack the messenger.
“It is unfortunate that the Lagos APC in its statement signed by Seye Oladejo did not seem to understand the import of the movement of Lagos4Lagos, a major group within the party into the opposition party. Rather, in a self-conceited, arrogant, and shallow press statement, the APC responded in a manner that showed it is jittery, shaken, and disorganized by the development”, LGGF stated.
The group added that from the APC response, the party acknowledged that Lagos4Lagos was an integral part of its platform and that the group is a formidable one that is well recognized in the state.
It added that the movement of such a major group into the opposition at a time when the youth have reasons to distance themselves from the APC in Lagos State following the developments before, during, and after the #EndSARS protest, the fact that since the control of the state by the present establishment group, it was the first time there would be parallel Congress of the party at all levels and the first time there would be an open challenge to the arbitrary decisions of the ruling cabal, should send a strong signal that the APC house in Lagos has a big crack which has compromised its structural integrity.
“We could see that the Lagos APC chose to use 70 percent of its press statement to attack Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki who on behalf of his party, the PDP, attended the event where the Lagos4Lagos made public its plan to defect. This is leaving the message to attack the messenger.
“It only confirmed the well-known fact in Nigeria’s political circle that since 2015, the master of Lagos APC is incensed about Saraki and would always seek any opportunity to attack the former Senate President for refusing to support his ambition to be running mate in the Muhammadu Buhari’s APC ticket. Whether the Lagos APC and their master admit it or not, Saraki and others who took the decision in 2015 acted in the national interest. They have no cause to regret their action as events have now proved and given another opportunity, they will do so again”, the group stated.
The LGGF further advised the APC to quit its empty grandstanding and face the reality that its Centre can no longer hold. It noted that many key groups and individual members within the party are disenchanted and weary of the dictatorial and arrogant leadership style of the APC, adding that more defection will soon follow.

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