Kwara 2023: I believe Kwara North will support any party that presents someone from there – Shola Muse

If we want to maintain justice and fair play, the governorship candidate should come from Kwara North, but the present situation in Kwara state, whereby you have bad governance ,it is not easy for the North to produce emerge Now.

“We haven’t got it right, it is when there is political stability that zoning can some into play, but we all know democracy is all about number, the majority, if the Kwara Central can unite they will achieve victory in the next elections.

“If Kwara North is able to work with Kwara Central, things might work for them, it is all about political permutations.

“Zoning is not enshrined in our constitution; it is only adopted in moral ground to include every region in the governance of a society

“And that is the essence of zoning, ordinarily Kwara North should produce the next governor, since the era of Shaba, they haven’t had any opportunity of becoming the governor, it is a matter of give and take, if the Kwara North are able to work with the central, I believe they have a good chance at it,

“But the question on everyone’s lip is which party will bring a Kwara North candidate.

“I believe the region will support any party that presents someone from there because they wouldn’t want to lose that opportunity again, but such a party needs to bring a candidate will be popular

“The current flag bearer of APC has even destroyed the hope of the party, he wasted the effort of the struggle they made to get to power?

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