Put your hopes in Allah, cleric admonishes Muslims

By Jimoh Sulyman

Muslims have been admonished to deposit all their hopes and aspirations in Allah and no one else, because no other entity can grant their heart desires but Allah.

This was contained in the sermon delivered on Friday at IMAN central Mosque, Irewolede area, Ilorin by the Chief Imam of the mosque, Imam Sharafdeen Olohunoyin.

The Imam noted that, all the assurance given by humans are in futility stressing that only Allah holds the ability to promise and fulfil as He wish and destined upon a person or community.

He added that no one has the power to grant the desire of a fellow human being because everyone is looking onto Allah for their own sustenance, saying that everyone is a beggar to Allah and no beggar can provide for another without the permission of their provider which is Allah.

Olohunoyin however calls on the rich and affluent in the society to give to the poor from what Allah has given to them for that is what Allah requires from them and what the Prophet preached.

The cleric also noted that the fear of Allah is one of His greatest bounties that he can bestow on His creature and it is a mercy from Allah.

The Islamic Scholar however admonished people to view Life as nothing to hold onto, but see it as vanity and mirage that will fizzle away.

He added that Allah will bless people of Jannah with splendour that is beyond what is seen on earth.

“The Garden of Jannah is a place of satisfaction and bliss, with nothing of its likeness on Earth.” he noted.

He also said that, it is the mercy of Allah that He saves one from torment of hell.

“If you let go of sin because of Allah and He will replace them for you with the best of goodies

“Allah is so merciful that He usually repays good deeds in ten folds but bad deeds will only be repaid in one fold.” He said.

Sheikh Olohunoyin emphasized that Only Allah holds sway over everything that exist between the heaven and earth.

The Cleric in his statement, “On the day of Qiyamah, no one can escape the hold of Allah apart from those that Allah showed His mercy .

He added that on the day of Judgement no one can speak but those that Allah permits.

“The day of Qiyamah is the day that Allah will repay everyone for their actions on Earth,” said, Olohunoyin.

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