Tanke flyover is purely corruption, misplaced of priority – Analyst

...says AbdulRazaq, a big error *berates Kwara APC reconciliation move

By Mike Adeyemi

A Public Affairs analyst who also doubles as the chairman of Good Governance Advocacy, Alh. Shola Muse has described the whole concept behind Tanke flyover as purely act of corruption to feather some people pocket.

Muse stated this penultimate Friday while answering questions from our reporter in his office.

According to him, “the proposed Tanke flyover by the AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq led government is purely a misplaced priority, and another ploy to siphon kwara fund.

“The erection of flyover at Tanke is a mere jamboree. Because if you are not well fed, you won’t be thinking of buying a vehicle. If the township roads have not been fixed, there is no need for a flyover.

“What kwarans need seems not to concern this government. No reasonable citizen would tell government to prioritize flyover to township roads. When we talk of democracy, people wishes should be the priority but they embarked on the flyover to enrich their pockets.” he lamented.

The political commentator rhetorically queried why the kwara state government is too particular and bent on the flyover project at the expense of the bad roads across the state, describing the governor as the biggest error ever committed by Kwara State.

“Why is government bent over the flyover?.  Gaa Akanbi road is bad, Danialu road is bad, Oja-Iya road, Pakata road is bad and many bad roads across the state. So where have they put their priority in this case.

“How many roads in the township have been fixed to warrant you erecting a flyover bridge. Which of those promises the APC led Kwara government gave Kwarans have been fulfilled. These are fundamental questions to ask ourselves, ” he stressed.

Muse further noted that almost all the state patrimonies and legacies of the past government have been run aground by the AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq government, saying Harmony Diagnostic Center is in the state of comatose.

“The Kwara state government has see to the end of Harmony Diagnostic Centre. The medical centre is not functioning again. The man who understand the place has been laid off by the government. People are not using the place again.

“They have turned Harmony Holdings to an ATM boot using it to siphon Kwara money to individual purses. That is the fact at hand. Let the GMD of Harmony holdings come out to challenge me on this. These are legacies of the past administration being destroy by AbdulRazaq government.

“It is appalling that we voted blindly in 2019, just because we want some people to go. We voted against responsibility, we voted against charismatism and that has brought us to this poor state.

“We are going to vote individuals this time around, not parties. Those who disappointed Kwarans are men of error including AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq. We will not repeat same come 2023.No beneficiary of circumstances again in Kwara.” Muse vowed.

He however describes the ongoing Kwara APC reconciliation move led by national leader of the party, Bola Ahmed Tinubu as efforts in futility, saying the crisis has gone beyond reconciliation.

“In the first place when I heard about the reconciliation move, I condemned it in totality because it is aiding godfatherism again. While would you ask Tinubu to midwife settling your rift while he is unable to settle the one under his nose in Lagos.

“APC had internal crisis in Osun,Lagos and other states. Why have they not come to Kwara to settled their differences. What role has Tinubu played to halt intra party face off in Osun and Lagos. I have not seen sincerity in the said reconciliation.

“Has Kwara APC identified their differences? What are those things that stand as lacuna between the party stalwart and the governor. I haven’t seen anything that is reconcilable when you have not really pinpoint the gray areas.

“The party hasn’t said this is what the governor had done that created enmity between them. The only thing we heard was that someone fails to deliver 100 million naira while the other faction allegedly asked the other to explain how 1 billion naira election fund develop a wing. Is that reasonable?.

“All those things that will bring about fruitful reconciliation are not on the table. The party are playing prank,” the public affairs analyst affirmed.

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