Save Nigeria now from Buhari – PDP caucus cries out, calls for President’s resignation

The People’s Democratic Party Caucus in the House of Representatives have called for President Mohammadu Buhari’s resignation.

The Caucus said, Nigeria, under the rulership of President Buhari, has been seized by hostage-takers-bandits and terrorists who extract ransom demands on the poor, impoverished citizens and turn homesteads, hamlets, villages, towns and cities into killing fields.

In a statement signed by the leader of the Caucus, Representative, Kingsley Chinda (PDP Rivers State), said the bloodletting unleashed by the hostage-takers, which has gone unabated, with the President showing complete incapacity to arrest the situation, or bring the killer squads to book is spreading across every acreage of citizens’ habitation

The statement said the carnage was turning the once quiet and peaceful homesteads, hamlets, villages, towns and cities into funeral parlours and cemeteries.

The lawmaker said, “Everywhere we turn, today, our dead are either being prepared for burials by families whose hearts are torn up by grief, or they are being mourned by families who can’t tell where the corpses of their loved ones are or where the killer squads will turn up next.

But the caucus maintained that bandits, terrorists and kidnappers have continued to unleash their reign of terror on helpless citizens, taking not “one highway, one rail link – and one job – at a time” but whole communities and regions in fell swoops whenever they choose to strike.

Chinda said ”The caucus is saddened that unfortunately, the President who famously boasted of leading from the front is now missing in action.

On the issue of the Electoral act amendment bill the caucus expressed concerns that in the past one month Nigerians have waited on Buhari to give assent to the Electoral Reform Bill passed to him by the National Assembly.

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