2023 Elections: Ilorin Emirate PDP Youths drum support for Saraki

By Jimoh Sulyman

The Ilorin Emirate PDP Youth Leaders forum has thrown in its  support for the former Senate President, Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki in his presidential ambition ahead of the general elections coming up next year.

This was noted at a press conference organized by the group, held at the Bukola Saraki Mandate office in Ilorin.

In a speech delivered by the secretary of the group, AbdulRauf Iyanda Bello from Moro local government area, the youths urged all presidential aspirants under the platform of PDP to unanimously support Bukola Saraki as the best candidate for the party in the coming general elections.

They said, “This call becomes imperative as a result of our Saraki’s youthfulness, putting into considerations of his past experience and exposure in Political positions in the country.”

“Undoubtedly, the harsh conditions of extreme poverty faced by the people, fuels the state of insecurity all over the country. Hunger, lack of education and lack of opportunities that push many Nigerians youths into criminal activities.”

“Such include terrorism as many of our communities are economically paralysed due to the fear of incessant communal crises that resulted to kidnappings, armed robberies, raping and other anti social vices.”

“The present government under the APC has totally failed the country by failing abysmally to tackle the problems of security challenges that bedeviling the progress and development of the Nigeria as a nation.”

“At this critical time that our economy is broking in needs very urgent revival in order for Nigeria to grow. GDP growth rate has declined. Diversification remains an illusion. Unemployment is at an all-time high.”

“Businesses are shutting down, youths are loosing jobs on daily basis, while international entrepreneurs looking elsewhere for their business due to lack of security arrangement in Nigeria.”

“We must ensure the security of lives and property in Nigeria is save, as things stand now, no one is truly safe in this country. We must restore the sanctity of the rule of law and strengthen democratic institutions in order to build a just, fair and equitable society for all.”

“We must rebuild the trust of our people in government. We need a pragmatic competent presidential candidate in our great party, with the capability to rise up to the challenges of the 21st century.”

“We must put this country forward together to rebuild with dedication and commitment”. Youths do not deserve to live in the abject poverty of the world. It is no longer an issue of how we got here, but how do we get out of this bad situation? We are so optimistic with the firm conviction that Saraki has what it takes to secure inclusive growth for Nigerians at large.” the group submitted.

Speaking at the event, Engr. Olayinka Otukoko who is one of Saraki’s prominent aides, noted that one of the reasons the country needs Saraki is because he is the only one that can “reset” and rescue the country.

“If we think the country needs reset we need to first of all identify the problems we are dealing with, of which the major one is insecurity because every other things are dependent on it.”

“Without security, educational sector can’t survive because people no longer feel safe to send their children to school in some part of the country, we have instances where about 200 hundred school children were taken away from their school at once.”

“Even farmers don’t feel safe anymore to go to the farms as a result of that, before 2015 we know the price of foodstuff compared to now because the government have failed at providing insecurity for the farmers.”

“The policy of non importation should be a good policy but the circumstances defeated the policy, because the governments should have looked at the peculiarities of things before putting a policy in place, Economy and infrastructure can’t survive without security.”

“people across party line must understand that the country needs rescuing, APC has given its best which is president  Muhammadu Buhari now it is time to give the chance to a more capable hand.”

“Saraki already have the track record of fighting insecurity, it took Saraki less than a year to solve all the insecurity challenges he met on ground when he became state Governor on 2003 to 2011.”

“Solution is beyond military experience but intelligence, and Saraki has the necessary credentials to deliver this great nation and return it to prosperity”, he said.

Alhaja Sarat Adebayo who is also a former chairperson of local government commission said that “Saraki excelled in all his leadership trust and his ability can’t be denied.”

“Because of his capacity,The youth of his like became the SA on budget and planning to Obasanjo and he was very instrumental to the introduction of ATM to Nigeria which shows that he very innovative.”

“Saraki has a huge plan for the country, he is the architect of modern Kwara as all the subsequent Governors after him are only building on his foundation, if he can do that for the state he can do it for the nation,” she said.

The event featured Youths from all the five local government areas that make up the Ilorin emirate, Ilorin West, Ilorin East, Ilorin South, Asa and Moro, who took to the street of Olohunsogo area to reiterate their support for the Presidential candidacy of Senator Bukola Saraki.

The group were led by Tajudeen Aare Raji from Ilorin East, chairman of the forum; AbdulRauf Iyanda Bello from Moro, secretary; Salahudeen AbdulRafiu from Asa; Aremu AbdulRasak from Ilorin South and Alhaji Sulaiman AbdulRahman from Ilorin West.

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