The Infertile Cacophony Of The ‘O to ge’ Mouthpiece

By Faruq Atofarati
Recently, Achilles of the ‘O to ge’ political trubes out of cynical, facetious dedication to keep the dead political bunkum and the likes of himself on the trend-table, in attempt to protect his pay master’s ambition as a dutiful ‘good’ servant, tried earnestly both in ‘fallacy’ facts and grammars to discredit the ex Senate President’s claim on national TV about how the people of Kwarans misjudged his dynasty.
The social media pundit personé however wasn’t able to prove that ‘O to ge’ noise wasn’t much about propaganda by power-salivating individuals and opportunists. The claim alone is barricading the intelligence of Kwarans into the abyss of effusive downgrading. The crooners claimed to have something better to offer than the previous administration using the inevitable flaws in government to cajole the populace, of course, people were convinced.

The media ‘relevance’ seeker said “Nobody got anything in Kwara except through and from them” the Saraki dynasty, forgetting that nobody also gets anything in Kwara today except through his paymaster and his cohorts with the proof of having the same political orientation and must be a certified (APC) party loyalist.
He said “…after Sarakites bade public office farewell in 2019” giving numbers of mortality rate (he should have provided a link to the research) that Kwara wore ignoble crown. Does his honourable need to be reminded that since assumption of office, they are bound to improve on the existing intervention of the previous government? The ‘ignoble crown’ grammar effusiveness is needless as most of the ‘O to ge’ beneficiaries were political mentees of the previous administration, is the honourable saying his pay master’s were once under the ‘ignoble crown’?
While the honorable continued to make his flimsy points with ‘gigantic’ and mouth watering diction, he forgot to mention the amount of money released by the Federal Government for the states across the country then compared to now if the money was enough for numerous agencies at a time including salaries of the civil workers. For example, in 2017, Kwara got 2.48billion naira as allocation for month of June, compared to 2019 3.5billion of October and 3.6billion January allocation of 2020. This is just to show the wide gap between the previous administration allocation and the current’s. At a time when more than 21 states were owing their workers. Honourable sir still can’t make a living without Saraki’s name.
Their cynical inherent resentments towards Saraki has clouded their understanding of what’s happening in Kwara APC government, which has coalesced into huge protest and working in mass resistance towards enabling them to see the truth. Subsequently, the resistance has culminate into hips of lies they are bound to vomit.
He further laid claim that Kwara is “a state with high political will and commitment” when till today the state nurtures the inherent unrest imposed by ‘holier than thou’ self righteous politicians.
While citing major increase in the public health sector, facilities and other ‘rewarding results’. Honourable honorably forgot to say government, regardless of how they venture into position to govern, is a continuum process. Should Kwarans in the least expect a decline in the standard of health sector? How could he forget that the past administration was also a factor in today’s increasing number that he is proud of? If the numbers were to start from zero what would the story today be about? What baffles me most is his irrevocable denial of facts that the previous administration had no intervention across the state.
That for the life saving modern gadgets, ventilators and defibrillators were not present until ‘O to ge’ happened. I tender a huge (un)fortunate thanks to COVID19 through which the intervention of WHO and other concerned organizations. But let me also remind him that it was Saraki’s dynasty that put in place the oxygen plant at specialist hospital Alagbado which contributed to the reasons for locating the Kwara isolation centre at the hospital. His supposed ‘modern lifesaving medical gadgets’ wouldn’t have been within reach.
In the context where he’s proud of the ‘O to ge’ administration fixing General hospitals. If they were not built by the previous administration would there have been something to fix? Kwarans can see Harmony Diagnostics centre for example, to say the least.
He said in 2019, 6,725 households were opened to public water resources in Kwara state. For only God knows where the facts were coming from. But according to him the number, under their administration has increased to 10,426 with access to water, if the initial numbers were not there would the achievement be laudable?
Should I remind the honourable that if the reticulation hadn’t been invested in and completed by the ‘faulted’ Saraki’s dynasty how would they have been able to supply water?
He quickly hurried to say “the figure is low but it represents a significant turnaround in the system” if the excuse is acceptable, what made it unacceptable for the 2019 quota?
He made mention of “fixing access roads” this is one of the inedible lies by the ‘O to ge’ administration, a quick scan into Ilorin metropolis which serves as the state’s capital is in a worrisome and disturbing state because of the various deathtraps lying ahead for drivers.
The ‘O to ge’ Achilles forgot to mention how notable men and women were kidnapped and killed under their administration. Putting Kwara “on negative media headlines”almost every two weeks in 2021.
Kwarans today still nurture the fear instilled by the traumatic experience. The bi-monthly stipends the ‘O to ge’ finest media warrior is proud of was a political intervention of which dynasty?
Kwara is still on its journey to Canaan land, no doubt, and according to Achilles. But it is pertinent to note that the deprivation of Kwarans to access some basic needs still persists, and the governor has shown a good effort in cajoling the masses that he’s hardworking. One thing ‘O to ge’ Achilles is scared of is maybe their regalia would be stripped in coming election. But while enjoying the privilege of propaganda and lies sold to Kwarans, their administration should not be too boastful of paying workers their salary, they should ruminate on minimum wage. This would a bit bring credibility closer to the ‘O to ge’ government.
It is unfortunate that the same people who benefited, who served as Commissioners, Chief of Staff, Senators and occupied other notable political sits under Saraki were part of the ‘O to ge’ bunkum trubes, faulting the atrocities they commited with Saraki’s name.
The same beneficiaries of the “messy sale public properties” employed one of their media boys to fault the decisions they partook in even though without Saraki’s awareness. What makes one a saint regardless of any committed atrocity is to be bathed into APC cult.
Without any advancement yet to claim their paymaster’s mandate, they are already putting themselves on the scale, seeing no way propagandas would help this time around, they reckoned into twisting facts, forgetting that Kwara facts are what we see in our surroundings which are different from theoretical brouhaha of the ‘O to ge’.
It is sad again that they faulted the Saraki’s dynasty of blocking people’s rise on account of political difference. Unfortunately, their paymaster exceled so well in this, where are the ‘O to ge’ front line gladiators? The honourable should start from there.
To be sure if the ‘O to ge’ wasn’t propaganda based, Achilles and his honourables should ensure their administration facilitates local government elections.
They are also entitled to their own opinions, therefore, glorifying flimsy interventions of their government is a normal gesture, but the reality of Kwara is in what we see; security, roads, minimum wage, finance, and other core aspects of governance.


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