Bloody attack: Ex-Ilorin West LG chair Zulu’s brother opens up 5 months after

*I was shot 41 days after my wife's death by gunmen in military uniform

By Ahmed Ajikobi
The former Ilorin West Local Government Chairman, Zulu Oloje’s brother,the proprietor of Zulu Abeje Hotel,Zulu Uthman Tunde has opened up five months after the bloody attack by unknown gunmen which nearly claimed his life while he lost his friend to the incident that occurred in 28th August 2021.
In an exclusive interview with National Pilot in his office at Oko-Olowo area of Ilorin, Kwara state capital ,Zulu said he narrowly escaped death and thank God for saving his life and giving him second chance.
According to him , he was shot by five gunmen in military uniform, 41 days after his late wife’s death.
Narrating the incident, he said, it was around 7:30 pm while he was with his friend at his hotel.
‘I was not feeling well, I was feeling like something is going to happen but I didn’t understand what was really going wrong with me that day. I decided to go home. My friend was telling to relax with them but i declined.
“I called my manager to drive my car down to where I was. In the process, a friend of mine AbdulRazaq Aro Alafara came in. It was the first time I was seeing him five years after we had broken up due to misunderstanding. He said I should forgive him. I asked him what was his offence. He said he wants my forgiveness before death catches up with him. I asked him what he meant by that, but he insisted I should forgive him. I told him Allah is the only forgiver and I forgave him.
“AbdulRazaq said I should help him that he has no means of surviving again adding that his family is suffering. He demanded for N300,000 and gave me his house papers as collateral. I gave him his papers back and promised to help him on one condition that he should not plot evil against me again which he promised. I first gave him 50,000 naira to take care of his family. I later called my manager to bring N300,000 naira for him while bringing my car down.
“While waiting for my manager, I saw five gunmen in military uniform who emerged from nowhere and announced that we were under arrest.
“I responded to them that we were not criminals. No one is smoking India hemps here. Only things you can see here is alcohol.
“Before I Knew what was happening ,they had started shooting in the air sporadically. Everyone ran for their lives, but I and some others were in a tight corner,we couldn’t escape.One of our assailants was making phone calls,may be calling their boss. In the process, his phone fell down. While bending down to pick the fallen phone, he probably felt we might attack him. Consequently he opened fire and the bullet hit him my friend AbdulRazaq Aro and he died on the spot.
“While the hoodlums we’re contemplating what to do with me, following AbdulRasaq’s death, I made my escape bid. I bolted out of the door and ran for my life. They chased and shot me and I fell down. One of them moved closer, opened my cap and in Hausa language said ‘Ya mutu’, meaning he’s dead. They left me in pool of my blood and went away. Later people came to my rescue and took me to hospital.
“I was taken to Arewa hospital later. Alhaji Tajudeen Zulu later took me to Gaa Saka to remove the bullet but no bullet was found in my body . I was transferred to General hospital and from there I was taken to Better Care Hospital where I spent 22 days struggling to survive.
“I don’t make deal with anybody. I do my business alone. I don’t change friends. The friends around me are my childhood friends and we are still together.”
Zulu further revealed that the person who was Kidnapped was not his staff. He is one Akeem Aminu.people said he is the president of Lemmy fans club,a Fuji musician. I don’t know him.
“He started coming to my hotel to relax,five days to the incident and I could remember that same day,we were discussing with friends over insecurity and kidnapping and I said how would they Kidnap me,I don’t do business deal with anybody and help people with little Allah has provided for me,I’m sure all that will help me. Five days after, they came to attack us.
“But the things is that after they said Akeem was released,he went straight to beer joint and no sign of torture on him. People said he claimed he escaped while the Kidnappers were sleeping and he used their gun to hit them and escape. Since then I have not set my eyes on him at my hotel again.”

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