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Kwara Lawyer sent out of Court Room for making noise, fined N10k

Barrister Balogun Oloyede Mujahid is graduate of University of Ilorin, where he bagged his degree in law in 2012, before proceeding to Nigerian law school,Lagos Campus thereafter he was called to the Bar in 2013.

Due to his zeal for more knowledge in his chosen career, Balogun went back to University of Ilorin for his Masters degree in Law in 2016,he had his pupillage at B.L Adekanola law firm where he is still practicing till date.

In this interview with JIMOH SULYMAN, Barrister Balogun shared his most dramatic experience in the Court of Law. Excerpt.

This is one day I will never forget in my life, the day I was sent out of court, the judge said I was making noise, on that faithful day I have been having a kind of bad feeling about the case I was having in court, in fact I woke up very early but I didn’t know what was going on, but I prayed against any evil occurrence.

The case was involving an association that was factional leadership crisis and I was supposed to move an application before Federal High Court, Ilorin, so I was in court very early to see what is happening.

A particular case was going on in that particular court and it was involving a friend of mine, as a friend of the court and the bar, I was assisting him in the meantime while I was waiting for my own case to be called, but the presiding judge, Justice Afolabi, felt I was distracting my friend, so, she sent me out of the courtroom.

While I was still outside, my case was called but I was technically deemed absent and the Judge fined my the sum of ten thousand Naira, ordering me to pay it immediately.

That wasn’t the hardest, the hardest part of it was that I have hundreds of clients in court on that day, they are the members of the association involved, after the whole scenario in before the court, I was seriously reprimanded by my clients and I felt really bad, but all in all, the judge gave us another date and everything was resolved.

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