Kwara: The sun will rise again

By Faruq Atofarati

For an administration whose sustainability lies solely on blame games, blaming its predecessors for its lacklustre and resonates loudly on excessive hostility towards what philosophy of governance and party structure is. Changing the philosophy of governance to ‘blame game’.

While significant feature of governance is not making a recurring mischievous negative headlines exaggerating the flaws of past administration and to rejig the governance standard by simultaneously making flippant fallacies out of inevitable drawbacks.

Government remains a continuum process, the collective conscience of the masses is a cogent aspect towards a sustainable development goal. Meanwhile, this is where the present administration is getting it wrong.

Every critcism sounds like a threat, an avenue to create a sudden outrageous apoplexy towards the critic. ‘What goes around comes around’ seems a repugnance order to the administration. Scared of propaganda and other media blackmail and brouhaha. Of course the opposition party are not down for this.

They failed to understand that their famous tool ‘deceit’ and other arrant counter intuitive instilled veer on the masses in the past years are not a must in constitution of opposition. They think the only way to be an opposition is to blackmail, visit every nook and crannies of the state spreading lies, running to the media to rain abuses and contribute notoriously on enlightening matters.

They don’t believe in civil conversation because what they know, the ideology they go around with is uncivilised lies and propaganda.

The situation in Kwara state is that the opposition party actually sympathises and empathize with the current administration on their struggle with governance, and as they subsequently lose the reinforcements of the “o to ge” absurdity.

We have seen now that the ruling party doesn’t stay on headlines for successful governance even in their within because they don’t thrive on giant political intervention, they flourish with blackmail, hate and flimsy excuses. And their enthusiasm to reprimand an opposition in the state’s house of assembly is second to none. They have shown Kwarans that they can’t handle Kwarans affairs.

Just the task of infrastructure among all other cogent responsibilities of government, the Tanke flyover laid bare the existing oligarchy in the administration.

Endemic insecurity across the state has become an inveterate part of the government that has clearly lost its focus.

Kwara is on its way to Canaan land but things need to be done right; security continue to be an essential aspect on this. I’m reiterating the fact because Kwarans are fuming with their inaudible vocals as the catastrophe of this administration is reaching not just the common citizens but other notable individuals.

Right now we can see how they struggle with governance. The opposition party continue to sympathise because they have been there and it is not an easy task. But the fact is that the present administration has locked itself badly in that they are drowning in the melancholy of their inherent party failure. There’s no collective party structure and few of their people are allowed to participate. Even within themselves, they are not opened to critics how much more of the opposition party.

Kwarans don’t need propaganda and lies again from deprived sycophantic media minions. Even though we are victims of clouded putative onus ‘power craving’ personas.

*Atofarati writes from Ilorin.

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