Senator Rafiu Adebayo Ibrahim: A Political Colossus of Inestimable Value

By Tijani Olaegbe

When, on Sunday, 9th January 2022, Senator Rafiu Adebayo Ibrahim, in company of his loyalists, admirers, associates and well wishers,  set out to pay homage to HRM Oba Abdulganiyu Ajibola Olusokun 11 , Elerin of Erin Ile, little did the team realise that such August visit was going to be a date with destiny. A Royal pronouncement/ declaration of conferment of Chieftaincy title of Bobaselu of Erin Ile on the visitor; the only and only Senator of no equal.; Senator Rafiu Adebayo Ibrahim. Really it happened.

Indeed, the surprise package didn’t stop at that. Right inside the Palace, the First Class Monarch began pouring glowing references on the newest Chieftaincy title holder; Senator Rafiu Adebayo Ibrahim.

Among other tributes, the Kabiyesi without mincing words, asserted that Senator Rafiu AdAdbrahim deserved everything noble and royal because one good turn deserves another.

That, the Senator, since his entry into partisan politics, is reputed for breaking grounds for the benefit of humanity.

The First Class Oba reminded those present that  the age of miracle, manipulation, godfatherism,  lies, empty propaganda and intrigues in politics had gone and gone for good. He, Kabiyesi ended his admonition on the note that; the law of retribution is inevitable.

The First Class Monarch maintained that the meteoric rise of Senator Rafiu in politics ie from the State House of Assembly to House of Representatives and then Senate was not just by chance or good luck  as people might want us to believe but more importantly through his politics of welfarism and Allah’s promise on those who share what they have with others.

The Royal testimony of HRM Oba Abdulganiyu Ajibola Olusokun 11, Elerin of Erin Ile on Chief Rafiu Adebayo Ibrahim, confirmed my stand that, Senator Rafiu Adebayo Ibrahim, with all his foibles is the greatest character since  the historic electoral defeat of our great Party PDP in 2019.

Imagine, despite the many fabrications tied to Rafiu by the political detractors, masterminded by the critical Stakeholders of APC and their cohorts,at the eve of the 2019 General Elections, culminating in his subsequent wicked and unjust arrest and detention, the 8th Senate Kwara South Senator emerged unstoppable. He became daring and formidable.

Today, his fame/popularity is not restricted to Oyun or South of Kwara State, indeed, Bobaselu of Erin Ile is one, the Ibolo Kwaran who is revered around Kwara ie. across the three geopolitical zones of the State.

My dear compatriots here with me, i want to conclude this piece by quoting Lloyd Lewis from his landmark book titled; ” Myths after Lincoln”. He postulated thus; “a nation doesn’t really consider itself to be a nation  until someone, against all odds, emerges from the mass and stand out against the sky”. Rafiu mirrors this and sooner or later, he will make Kwara the State of our dream.

*Olaegbe writes from Oyun LGA, Kwara State.

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