Kwara 2023: God revealed to me there will be change of government at the polls – popular Ilorin cleric

….laments hardship in Kwara

By Jimoh Sulyman
With the 2023 gubernatorial election fast approaching ,everyone in Kwara state are beaming with anticipation for what will unfold at the polls, which will more or less determine the direction the state will follow in the next four years.
A popular Ilorin cleric and the founder of Markaz Ajinikirun at Madi area of the city, Sheikh AbdulWaheed Hamza Ajinikirun has however revealed what God has shown him on where the pendulum will swing at the polls. Speaking to National Pilot in an exclusive interview over the weekend, the highly respected Islamic cleric said whenever there is hardship in the land, the first thing people will pursue is relief.
According to him, “To my own understanding, whenever there is hardship in the land, which is a handiwork of a group of people or the Government the first thing the people will be after is how to get relief.”
He said with the hardship presently afflicting the people across kwara state, nobody wants the situation to continue
“Everyone in Kwara state, especially in Ilorin is very much aware of the untold hardship in the state, not to even talk of which party will come out victorious during the election but let us talk according to the situation on ground, nobody will want things to continue the way it is presently.
“Just like every Prophets, men of God too are usually asked to foretell what will happen in the future but the knowledge of the future only reside with Allah, but He usually show some signs to some selected people.
Talking on the signs he saw, Ajinikirun alluded to the incumbent government, he said, ” One of the signs I noticed was when they came into power, they were overfilled with joy of victory like all they care about is how to spite the other party rather than focusing on governance which is unbecoming of a good government.
“Another thing is that whenever the spoils of a war or the dividend of a struggle comes out, it ought to be shared among all those who contributed to the victory not just a single person or leader holding on to everything without any consideration for others.
“Anybody that is so selfish to the extent of usurping all the benefit of a struggle without sharing with others will surely fail in the end and when the time comes again for another struggle, the cheated ones wouldn’t want to join hands with the leader again.” the cleric said.
While sharing the third sign for the imminent failure of the incumbent at the election, the cleric referred to the word of Prophet Muhammad, who instructed that whenever the Muslims are fighting they should not cut down trees that serve as shade for the people and the ones that people feed on its fruits.
“The prophet said, you should not demolish the houses of your foes ,just fight what you believe in but don’t destroy things.
“They just need to get the power, they don’t need to demolish other people’s houses, any Government that is fond of demolishing houses will surely fall.” he said.
This is believed to be an allusion to the infamous demolition of the Ile Arugbo and the Olusola Saraki memorial library.

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