‘It’s finished’ — Don Jazzy reacts to crush Rihanna’s pregnancy

Don Jazzy, CEO of Mavin Records, has reacted after Rihanna officially made public her pregnancy.
The Nigerian music executive has long spoken openly, albeit, humorously about having a thing for Rihanna.
Rihanna, who has been dating Asap Rocky, a US rapper, showed off her bare baby bump during a recent outing in Harlem, the rapper’s hometown in New York.
In viral photos on social media, the pregnant singer could be seen wearing a bubblegum pink puffer jacket and jeans with her big tummy.
The rapper, in turn, protectively placed his hands over hers as the couple stopped to share a kiss.
As the news of Rihanna’s pregnancy became public knowledge, Don Jazzy made a rather amusing post on Instagram.
“It is finished,” he captioned a lovey-dovey photo of Rihanna and Asap.
This included the walking-away humanoid emoji.
In December 2020, Jazzy had reacted to news that Rihanna and Asap are in a relationship.
“So all of you have been seeing this fake news flying around and nobody checked on me. It’s aight,” he wrote.
Earlier, Jazzy had spoken about not being a pro at wooing women.
“I don’t know how to woo; I like it when people woo me. If I like that person, then I will take it further,” he said.


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