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Wealth can only be granted by Allah – Cleric

By Jimoh Sulyman

Muslims have been advised not to seek wealth from any other deity or illegal means but through hard work and blessings that comes from Allah.

This was preached on Friday, during Khutbah delivered by Imam Ahmad Abdullah, the Imam of Olohun logaju central Mosque, Cemetery road Ilorin, the Kwara state capital.

The cleric stressed that, it is only Allah who possesses the power to bestow wealth on any creation and no effort will result into wealth without His permission.

“Only our Creator, the almighty Allah can bestow wealth on any of His creation that He wishes to bless and all human efforts either legal or illegal can only result in wealth by the permission of Almighty Allah.

“In everything we acquire in this life, we should have it in mind that everything is temporary, we will leave everything on Earth, without taking a dime with us to the grave when we leave.

“Prophet Muhammad has told us that our main objective in this world is to worship Allah and all other things are secondary and they are for the meantime before we die and face Allah.

“Wealth is just a trial on Earth to test our faith in Allah, it is a test to the poor to know if they will be contented and patient with Allah and it is also a test on wealthy to know if they will be generous and show gratitude to Allah for His blessings on them.” he said.

The Imam also urged parents to be very watchful of what their children are because children are entrusted to them by Allah to watch over and Allah will ask them to account for how they raise them.

He also encourage schools to prioritize the teaching of morals to their students rather than focusing on just academics ,adding that, “Education can only be profitable to the individual and the society if it is complemented by a good character and moral .”

Abdullah also said that, “Allah has told us that Human life is sacred and anyone who kills a soul is equivalent to have killed the entire humanity, which means the life of a person shouldn’t taken for worthless reason such as the prevalent cases of money rituals.”

The cleric however called on everyone to return to Allah remorseful and seek for His forgiveness in order for the country to prosper and the people to prosper along with it.

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