World Kidney Day: Expert charge governments, citizens on healthy lifestyle

Nigerian citizens have been implored to show more interest in their own medical care and that of their immediate family members by preventing chronic kidney diseases (CKD) which is being rated as 5th source of death the world-over as at today.

A Human Resources’ Expert and Fellow of Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria – Alt. Ibrahim Abdullahi,  gave this advice in Ilorin – Kwara State –  while contributing  to the activities being organised Nigerian Association of Nephrologist and other Medical Experts every second Thursday of March annually to mark WORLD KIDNEY DAY.

According to Alhaji Ibrahim Abdullahi, chronic kidney diseases could be prevented if sound and frequent public awareness is created to educate the masses on causes of the ailment. These according to him are better done through Lectures, Symposia, Conferences, Radio and TV Presentations and as well as Newspapers and Journals.

Speaking on the Theme for 2022 WORLD KIDNEY DAY which is KIDNEY HEALTH YOR ALL – Alh. Abdullahi who is also a Human Resources Consultant who specialises in human capacity building in the area Health in collaboration with some Medical Experts including Professors, called on every family to make it an annual routine to screen themselves medically to know the performance of their organs such as kidney, liver and the heart so as to discover early ‘whatever is going wrong to prevent life-threatening ailments’.

He identified diabetes, hypertension and chronic malaria as common factors responsible for chronic kidney diseases, calling on Nigerian citizens to ensure that while on regular medications for any of these diseases, one must be in constant touch with their Doctors and use their drugs religiously to prevent complications.

On the roles of the Government, the Human Resources Professional who is also a Public affairs’ Analyst, called on Federal and State Governments in Nigeria to redesign the Nation’s Health Care System with a view to having effective implementation annually adding that some of the facilities for management of chronic kidney diseases are lacking and those that are available are absolutely insufficient – thereby making treatment of patients unaffordable.

Alhaji Ibrahim Abdullahi blamed low health care delivery system in Nigeria to corruption, uncare attitude and selfish approach in governance adding that most of what common-man could not afford, Top Functionaries use government funds to get it abroad. He said this is responsible for the brain-drain in  the area of Health the Country is facing now.

He also criticised annual Health Budget at States and Federal Levels which he said has always been less than 10% of the total Budget as against World Health Organizations (WHO) recommendation. He also queried less than 50% Budget performance in the area of Health which he believed affects the governed negatively; which he said eventually resulted in mortality and morbidity rate in Nigeria.

Alh. Ibrahim appealed to Nigerian citizens to correct their mistakes of the past by voting for responsible and accountable citizens in the forthcoming General Elections who have teack record of welfare for the people and not necessarily Political Parties in-order to change the fortunes of the Country it’s citizens to a better one; adding that the Nation is tired of false and media propaganda of the ruling class.

He said ‘in governance Health and Education must be well taken-care of by those in leadership.

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