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Every Muslims should start preparing for Ramadan, it’s coming to purify us – Cleric

By Jimoh Sulyman

Ramadan has been described as the most blessed and holiest month of Allah and a time for every Muslims to move closer to Allah, in order to benefit from the excess blessings that is in the noble Month.

This was said on Friday during a Jumuah sermon delivered by the Chief Imam of Sheikh Muhammad Kamaldeen Central mosque, Imam Musa Mustapha Ateere, before leading the congregants in the weekly two units’ prayer.

The Imam emphasized that during the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims are expected to be purer and holier than they were during the other eleven months, because it is the month that was designated by Allah to purify our souls from the impurities of the other months.

He said, “The month of Ramadan is a month of blessing and a month that Allah has designed to purify us and make us better slaves, hence Muslims should try and be closer to Allah and he more holier than they were in the other eleven months.”

The cleric also noted that the Month of forgiveness, because Allah will order the angels to put the Shaytan in chains and close all the doors that lead into Jahanam while those that lead into Al Jannah will be opened.

“In this month, forgiveness is abound and Allah is ready to give it to whomever seeks it, when the month comes, Allah will tell the angels to put the shaytan in chains and close all the doors that lead into Jahanam while those that lead into Al Jannah will be opened.

“All sins are forgiven in this month, it is a month that Allah chose to purify everyone and make us as clean as new born, whenever we ask for Allah’s forgiveness, He is always ready to forgive us our sins and welcome us back into the right path ,for He is the Oft forgiving. ” Ateere said.

The Muslim cleric also noted that the Month of Ramadan is filled with countless blessings, adding that every good deed will be rewarded in folds more than what is given in other months, because Ramadan is different and much better than the rest.

However warned that people should be in their best behaviour during the month and they shouldn’t engage in needless play as it is common in ordinary month, stressing that the month of Ramadan is meant for worshipping Allah and seeking for his favours.

Ateere also urged the people to seek for the boundless benefits of the Lailatul Qadr which is known as night of Majesty and was described in the glorious Quran to be better than a thousand month ,and coming up in the last ten nights of the month.

The cleric noted that, “The Lailatul Qadr is a night that every Muslim must seek for, and the Quran has described it as being better than a thousand month, which shows the greatness of this auspicious night, it is a night that Allah rewrites people’s destinies ,hence everyone must seek Allah’s favour on such night.” he said.

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