You’re the best man for Nigeria, social commentator hails Dele Momodu

By Jimoh Sulyman

A presidential aspirant and a popular journalist, Chief Dele Momodu has been hailed as the best man to be elected to handle the affairs of Nigeria in the coming general elections.

This was said by a social commentator and journalist, Irene Ubani while speaking to Momodu, recently.

Irene urged Nigerians need to give Momodu a chance to pilot the affairs of the country, saying that, He is different from other politicians who are only interested in looting the country’s wealth.

She said, “You’re the Man for Nigeria, may God lead you and make his face shine upon you, so that the people of Nigeria would listen, unlike a lot them who are dastardly self absorbed with cleaning out the treasures of this country and make things unbearable for our future generations.

“They’re only about themselves and what they would get now and they don’t even care about their own children, what they’re thinking is that they’ll be dead anyway ,they’re not thinking about the future of this country,” she noted.

The communication practitioner also bemoaned the prevalent scourge of insecurity bedevilling the country, blaming President Buhari for his inaction to stop the loss of lives.

“Now there is so much insecurity and insurgency, the lives of the people are no longer valuable ,nobody cares about a living soul anymore, that has been the final verdict that this Buhari led APC government has brought on the people, nobody regards life as anything.

“People kill even for #5,000, they maim, they destroy for little stipend, because they have no mean for the next meal, so they don’t care, it’s like they’re dead anyway.” she says.

Irene also accused president Muhammadu Buhari of insincerity, saying that he has lied to Nigerians about bringing a change to the country which he never did.

“Muhammadu Buhari lied to this country, he lied about insecurity, about taking the country forward and bringing a change for us and he never did.” she said.

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