3rd year in office in retrospect: Saraki’s unmatched records of achievements

...Kwara E ranti

Water Supply:
– Construction of a new N1.2bn Water treatment plant, capable of producing 12 million gallons per day, at Asa Dam Water works, with Federal Government Intervention
– Water treatment Plant awarded to BIWATER NIG LTD at a cost of N928,776,972.00 to raise the installed capacity from 12 million gallons to 13.5milion gallon per day
– Rehabilitation of Water projects, under the second phase of Water resuscitation programme, at a cost of NG6,849,993.41.
– Expansion, rehabilitation and resuscitation of Water dams across the State.
– Rehabilitation of 17 water works spread all over the 3 senatorial districts of the State.
– Drilling of 30 new hand pump fitted boreholes and resuscitation of 204 broken-down hand pump fitted boreholes at N39.545,008.03.
– Rehabilitation of 24 water works, drilling and rehabilitation of broken-down boreholes as well as purchase of water treatment chemicals, under the second phase at a cost of N71,147,646.00.
– Procurement of Water tankers of 10,000 litres capacity each, for distribution to all nooks and crannies of the State.
– Bulk purchase of maintenance materials for Kwara State Water Corporation.
– Release of 15 motorcycles to the State Water Corporation for plumbers to carry out water rationing services.
– Rehabilitation of 44 Water works, bulk purchase of maintenance materials, dredging of Omu-Aran, Oke-Onigbin and Babanla Water Works as well, construction of Erin-Ile Water Works.


Works and Transport:
– Construction of N6 billion Chikanda-Kosubosu-Okuta-llesha Baruba-Oyo State boundary roads, neglected for years.
– Rehabilitation of over 20 roads in llorin, the State Capital.
– Rehabilitation of the 4.5kilometer NNPC Pipe-line Road, lorin.
– Construction of Hajj Camp-Airport road as well as the Stadium Complex Underpass Road, Ilorin.
– Rehabilitation of 3.1 Kilometer Omu-Aran Township Road.
– Rehabilitation of 1.5 Etsu Palace-Hospital Road at Patigi.
– Rehabilitation of 9km Iloffa-Odo-Owa township roads
– Rehabilitation of 21 kilometre Shagbe-Babanla-Oreke-Oro-Ago road with double layer surface dressing.
– Rehabilitation of 23.5Kilometre Oke-Onigbin-ljara-lji-Owode Ofaro road with surface dressing (on-going)
– Rehabilitation of Club 5 and Tiamiyu Olatinwo roads at Offa, with asphalt overlays.
– Dualisation of 3.5 kilometre Geri Alimi – Yebumot Road, Ilorin.
– Rehabiltattion of 4 kilometre Kaiama Township Road.
– Dualisation of 2.37 kilometre Ger-Alimi-Total-New Yidi Road.
– Rehabiltation of 1.5 kilometre Lafiagi Township Road with double layer surface
– Construction of Ojaiya, Roro, and Oko Bridges.
– Construction of Street light at Ipaye-Iloffa GRA road, Ilorin.
– Installation of dedicated transformers in Ilorin Metropolis
– Provision of Street light and dedicated transformers for Baboko and Ago Markets
– Building of injection Sub-Station for NEPA at Agba Dam and Sobi Barracks, lorin.
– Construction of a new terminal building for Ilorin Airport
– Rehabilitation of several roads by KWARMA
– Purchase of 12 brand new vehicles for Kwara Transport Corporation, to boost transport services within and outside the State.

– Fostering of cordial relationship between Government and media.
– Institution of regular Press briefing on Government activities
– Promotion of inter-State visits by Niger and Kwara State Ministries of Information.
– Facilitation of Television Exchange Programme between Kwara and Ekiti States
– Organization of People’s Forum in each of the three Senatorial districts for enlightenment on Government activities and live interaction with the Governor.
– Mounting of Campaigns in the media, through jingles and discussions, on various government programmes, such as Operation Clean and Green, Back to farm; War against Cultism and promotion of Work Ethics, among others.
– Introduction of Kwara State Website and Internet Facilities.
– Rehabilitation and equipping of 4 Studios of Radio Kwara, abandoned since 1989.
– Supply and installation of 50 KW Medium Wave Radio Transmitter for Radio Kwara
– Establishment of the Kwara State Council on Information, first of its kind.
– Installation of a new Omni-directional UHF Antenna at the television house, with the involvement of a private sector partner – Channels Television.
– Establishment of KWTV Repeater Station in Kaiama and completion of the one under construction at Gbugbu (Edu LGA) to enhance reception of signals in all nooks and crannies of the State.
– Provision of essential working tools approved for information Department and Government Printing Press.
– Improvement of the Print quality, editorial content, print-run and analytical Journalism of the Herald Newspapers.
– Supply and installation of 500KVA Step-down transformer for Radio Broadcasting House.
– Donation of vehicles and other facilities to NTA Patigi, NTA. Ilorin and NTA Ibadan Network Zone for enhanced performance
– Movement of The Herald to its permanent site.

– Rendering of legal services to different levels of government.
– Procurement of Law bocks for the Law Library.
– Procurement of Peugeot 405 cars for High Court Judges and Khadis of Sharia court of Appeal.
– Enhanced salary and N1million car loan for each of the Magistrates in the Judiciary
– Gazzetting of Laws
– Successful trial and conviction of cult members.
– Provision of utility vehicles for the Judiciary

Industry and Solid Minerals Development:
– Peaceful industrial atmosphere and liberal land policy by Government.
– Encouragement of mega private- sector driven industries such as Dangote Flour Mill, Tuyil pharmaceutical Company, Chellarams Plc for Motorcycles.
– Resuscitation of Kwara Furniture Company in partnership with ETHNIX DESIGN of South Africa, in the spirit of National Economic Empowerment and Development Strategies (NEEDS)
– Sale of Rice processing equipment to cooperative societies in some Local Government Areas.
– Arrangements already concluded on the establishment of an Independent power plant project, to boost power supply in Ilorin and is environs.
– Kwara Paper Converter Ltd for reactivation in partnership with Messrs Delrot (Nig.,) Ltd.
– Acquisition of3 units of Rice milling and 10 de-stoning machines for rice processing Moribund Patigi Rice Mill for resuscitation to enhance rice production.
– Approval of N90 million for mineral exploration of the State.
– Collaboration with the Federal Government on the privatization of Nigeria Sugar Company, Bacita and Lafiagi Sugar Company, Lafiagi
– Partnership with a private company for the establishment of a cashew processing industry at Ogbondoroko, Asa Local Government Area.

– Participation in the National Fadama Development Project (NFDP) aimed at reducing poverty in Fadama Resource areas
– Payment of N79 million to lITA for the construction and supply of innovative cassava processing materials in same locations within the State
– Zimbabwean Commercial farmers’ initiative involving 15,000 hectares of land for 15 pioneer Zimbabwean commercial farmers
– Integrated Youth Farm settlement at Malete to provide employment for the youths
– Mobilization of urban and rural dwellers for mass food production
– Introduction of dry season faming
– Encouraging private sector participation in farming
– Vigorous pursuit of Back-to-farm prograrmme through timely supply of farm inputs such as fertilizer improved seeds and agro-chemicals
– Purchase of 22 new tractors and 22 sets of Baldan implements for land cultivation.
– Rehabilitation of Duku-Lade Irrigation Scheme, neglected by previous Administrations.
– Payment of N76 million as compensation to original owners of the land acquired for commercial farming on their economic trees and annual crops
– Procurement of new Rice mill and cultivation of 711.14 hectares of land for the production of cassava, maize, rice and soya beans
– Provision of free extension services for famers.
– Release of N54 million for purchase of cocoa inputs and rehabilitation of cocoa warehouse at Oke-Onigbin
– Raising of 205,000 seedlings of cocoa for cocoa Regeneration and rehabilitation programme
– Payment of N1.8 million as counterpart fund to N.C.D.C. for cocoa regeneration and rehabilitation.

– Re-Energizing Secondary Schools in Kwara State (RESSEK) Programme.
– Convocation of Education Summit for all Stakeholders for solutions to problems of education.
– Training Workshop for Principals, Vice-Principals and other teachers for better performance of Students in the Core Subjects.
– Rehabilitation of four Secondary School viz Bishop Smith Memorial College, Ilorin; Government Secondary School, Ilorin, Ansarul-Islam Secondary School, Ilorin and Okelele Secondary School, to serve as model Schools, at a cost of N340,262.611.36.
– Rehabilitation of the State Library Complex at a cost of N5million to enhance educational development
– Release of N30,350,000.00 to Kwara Stale Polytechnic, Colleges of Education at Ilorin and Oro as well as College of Education (Technical) Lafiagi to accreditation of courses.
– Payment of N23millon outstanding NECO, SSCE fee for final year students inherited from past Administration.
– Renovation and construction of classrooms at a cost of N400 million
– Recruitment of 1,543 teachers under the Rural Voluntary Teaching Scheme (RVTS).
– Payment of N58million for 2005 NECO fees
– Payment of N30million Bursary/Scholarship award to indigenous students in tertiary institutions
– Procurement of Science equipment, chemicals and Home Economics Materials for Schools
– A grant of N25million to each of the tertiary institutions for capital projects
– Release of N60 million for rehabilitation of equipment for 5 Technical Schools to meet accreditation need
– Aggressive supervision and monitoring of Secondary Schools at NECO/WAEC examination check malpractices
– Construction of a block of 3 classrooms and renovation of 2 classrooms at Dumagi (Location of Zimbabwean Famers Project) at a cost of N5.73 million.

– Free Eye Care programme in which 200 people were operated for cataract free of charge.
– Procurement of N5milion drugs for Hospitals under the essential drugs revolving project.
– Purchase of N200milion equipment for hospitals across the State.
– Recruitment of Medical Officers and health personnel to enhance manpower development in the health sector.
– Construction of oxygen plant at Sobi Specialist Hospital, Ilorin.
– Intensive enlightenment and awareness campaign on HIV/AIDS.
– Donation of N5m to University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital for its health care delivery services.
– Construction of Ambulance points at Olokonla, Budo Awero, Odo-Owa and ljagbo
– Purchase of 5 new Ambulances, well kitted for operation on highways.
– Hosting of the first health summit in the State
– Introduction of free health week attended by Association of Nigerian Medical Doctors from the United States of America.
– Registration of Traditional Medical Practitioners for involvement in finding solution to health problems
– Upgrading of 36 hospitals in the State to an international standard.

Civil Service:
– Efficient, effective and productive Civil Service
– Payment of Workers Salary and pension on 25th of every month
– Restoration of dignity of labour within the Public Service
– Settlement of outstanding workers’ leave bonus to enhance productivity
– Restoration of cut steps in salary
– Lifting of embargo on promotion
– Implementation of 15%, 30% and 142% increase in pension
– Reinstatement of the sacked 1997 teachers
– Increase in payment of pension from N28 million to N67 million every month
– Harmonious relationship with the labour union, leading to industrial peace within the public service
– Recruitment of 130 officers and conversion of 54 officers into the civil service
– Financial assistance of about N7.9 million to families of Deceased workers in the Civil Service

Commerce and Co-Operatives:
– Implementation of micro credit schemes designed to ameliorate poverty by providing enjoyment opportunities
– Supply of 5,000 motorcycles by Chellarams Plc at a contract sum of N325milon, under the Motorcycle Micro-credit Scheme, for the people of the State.
– Encouragement for formation and registration of co-operative societies/unions
– Influencing the establishment of a branch office of the Corporate Affairs Commission in the State to minimize problems faced by our business community.
– Establishment of 10 Beehives each by 400 Bee keepers in six locations under the bee keeping scheme
– 340 Co-operative Organizations were formed and registered bringing the total number to the State

Women Affairs:
– Distribution of equipment worth N2million to Women engaged in Gari processing, Shea butter processing, rice milling, etc in the Local Government Areas.
– Reactivation of the Mini-Market known as First Lady Market for sale of commodities at moderates prices.
– Awareness campaign on HIVIAIDS as well as rights of the Child.
– Encouragement for women to embark a productive ventures as co-operative groups under the Women Empowerment Programme
– Setting up of State Committee on Human Trafficking and Child Labour
– Launching of Micro-Credit for Widows

Housing For All:
– Completion of Mandate l and II Housing Estates started in 2004, with all infrastructural facilities already put in place
– The 350 Mandate Housing Units are already on sale at reduced prices, with the housing units in Mandate I already exhausted.
– Construction of 35 no 2-bedroom Low Cost bungalows nearing completion in two Senatorial districts namely Kwara South and Kwara North.
– Oja Oba Decongestion project and Kulende Market Project almost completed
– Private developers now willing to partner with Government in housing production for the public
– Lifting of the embargo placed on the issuance of Certificates of Temporary Occupancy (CTO)
– Thorough supervision of landscaping of Ilorin Metropolis
– Liberal Policy of issuing Certificates of Occupancy (Cof0) within 2weeks of application.

Environment and Tourism:
– Convocation of Economic Summit-KWASEEDS that was well attended and described as one of the best organized summits in Nigeria
– An increase in the internally generated revenue from N90milion to N140million per month.
– Revenue Courts established to give appropriate Sanctions to erring tax payers
– Reconciliation of tax liabilities of Government with other Federal fiscal bodies
– Prompt preparation and monitoring of State Annual budget
– Training of Accounting Personnel on Standardization of Accounting Procedures.
– Inclusion of Kwara State in the World Bank’s Community Based poverty Reduction Project (CPRP) in which a grant of 2.5milion dollars has been set aside as loan

– Convocation of Economic Summit-KWASEEDS that was well attended and described as one of the best organized summits in Nigeria
– An increase in the internally generated revenue from N90milion to N140million per month.
– Revenue Courts established to give appropriate Sanctions to erring tax payers
– Reconciliation of tax liabilities of Government with other Federal fiscal bodies
– Prompt preparation and monitoring of State Annual budget
– Training of Accounting Personnel on Standardization of Accounting Procedures.
– Inclusion of Kwara State in the World Bank’s Community Based poverty Reduction Project (CPRP) in which a grant of 2.5milion dollars has been set aside as loan

Social Development and Culture:
– Construction of Marriage Registry at N3.8milion
– Construction of the Hostel for unadoptable children at a cost of N3.2million
– Construction of the Matron’s quarters at the Children Reception Centre, Gaa Akanbi at a cost of N3.48mllion
– Construction of the Principal’s quarters at Amayo Rehabilitation Centre at N3.38mlion
– Construction of Prototype hostel at Amayo Rehabilitation Centre at N3 2million
– Renovation of the Area Office of the Ministry of Social Development and Culture
– Issuance of 77 new Day-Care Licences and renewal of 75 old Licences
– Rehabilitation of Lunatics picked on the Streets of Ilorin, the State Capital
– The Council of Arts and Culture participated actively and won laurels in NAFEST 2004 at Kaduna, International Day of the Twins at Lagos in December, 2004; Argungu Fishing Festival in 2005 Abuja Cultural Carnival at Abuja in 2005

Rural Development:
– Completion of the abandoned rural electrification Projects at Agbeyangi, Kpada, Gaa Lanba, Gaa Gata, Eleiyele, Pututa, Kosubosu, Bizera and Okutala, among others
– Electrification of Alalubosa Village in llorin East L.G.A.
– Provision of rural feeder roads, electricity and potable water in all the 16 Local Government Areas.
– Return of UNICEF activities to the State after about four years break
– Procurement of 15 KVA transformers for Shonga injection Sub-station to serve the commercial farmers and about 27 communities in Edu Local Government Area.
– Procurement of transformers and accessories for six relief sub-stations at pipeline road area Geri Alimi/lGS areas Abayawo/Bani area, Gaa Akanbi/Folorunsho junction; Police station Kulende area; Asa Dam road and Offa Garage area.
– Construction of 80 deep wells on the basis of 5 deepwells in each of the 16 Local Government Areas
– Resuscitation of the hitherto moribund rural water supply installations across the State
– Procurement of transformers and accessories for power supply sub-stations at Osere, Pakata, Oloje Housing Estate and Sango areas.

Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs:
– Rehabilitation of roads in all Local Government Areas through Joint Local Government Projects Scheme
– Auditing of the accounts of the sixteen Local Governments by external auditors to curb financial recklessness and mismanagement of resources
– Regular training workshops for key officials of Local Governments to sensitize them on the principles of effective governance
– Appointment of Liaison officers for the 16LGAs to bridge communication gap
– Commissioning of a firm of consultants for assessment and completion of palaces of First Class Chiefs abandoned by the last Admin
– Regular payment of salary and allowances of traditional rulers
– Provision for the construction of Guest chalets at Ilorin and procurement of brand new official vehicles for First Class traditional rulers
– Grading and regrading of 57 traditional rulers across the State
– Upward review of the allocation to traditional councils from 2.5% to 5%
– Implementation of recommendation by the Judicial commission of inquiry on financial transaction of Local Governments, to sanitize their affairs.
– Purchase of 3 drilling rigs for the three senatorial district at a cost of N129 million

Sports and Youth Development:
– Rehabilitation of dilapidated dressing rooms and toilets at the Stadium Complex
– Restoration of electricity at the Stadium Complex after payment of over N3.5 million to NEPA.
– Successful hosting of championships including Malta Guinness National Divisions I Handball; 2005 commonwealth Welter Weight Boxing title between a Kwaran and a Tanzanian and Waziri of llorin under 17 Soccer tournament, among others.
– Provision of customized chairs for the comfort of spectators, officials and top government officials at the State box of the Mini-Bowl, Stadium Complex, Ilorin.
– Complete renovation of the fence of the Stadium Complex.
– Establishment of the first Football College in Nigeria, known as Football College of Excellence in the Kwara State Stadium Complex at over N300 milion.
– Sinking of 3 motorized boreholes with overhead tanks and reticulation at three locations at the Stadium.
– Conferment of the prestigious national youth Award of “The Friend of Nigeria Youth on Governor Bukola Saraki on 25th November 2004 at the National Conference Centre. Abuja, for his love for the Nigerian Youths.
– Equipping of Yikpata Youth Camp to become the best training camp in Nigeria in terms of citizenship and leadership training facilities
– Successful fight against cultism, thuggery and other Social vices in our tertiary institutions in the State
– Engagement of the Youths in various youth empowerment schemes such as Bee-Keeping, farm training and G.S.M. programines,

General Administration:
– Adherence to the principles of due process in the conduct of Government business
– Proper Coordination and monitoring of the affairs of ministries and Departments.
– Mutual understanding and relationship with Federal Agencies.
– Accountability, selfless service, Probity and transparency are Government’s watchwords
– Cash donations of N40 million and N200 million relief materials distributed to 6,275 Victims of natural disaster
– Disbursement of N80 million as Micro-loans to people under the Poverty Alleviation Scheme
– Ten eminent Kwarans conferred with National Honours Award based on Government recommendation
– Renovation of Government buildings within and outside the State
– Resolution of Boundary disputes.

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