Osun: Muslims protest incessant ritual killings in Iwo

Muslim faithful in Iwo, Osun State protested incessant ritual killings in the town and the tagging of perpetrators as Islamic clerics.

The Muslims led by some religious leaders from different organisations, staged the protest on Sunday in Iwo, Ola Oluwa Local Government of Osun State.

The clerics were carrying placards that read, “Islam against rituals,” “Ritualists are not among Alfas,” and “No more ritualists in Iwoland,” among others.

One of the religious leaders, who spoke with journalists during the protest, Missioner of NASFAT in Iwo, Sheikh Tajudeen Bilal, ritual killing is rampant “among the wolves in dog’s skin, who people are calling alfas”.

The perpetrators, according to him are not Muslims but are bad people who have covenant with the devil.

“Because Al-Qur’an has made us to know that every form of killing is a sin. It also made us to know that whoever kills a soul, it is as if he kills the whole world.

“This is a gathering of Muslims groups, we are a coalition of NASFAT, Salaf, Taqomunu, Quwwatulahi Haq and a host of other in Iwoland.

“Islam means peace and peace must manifest in line with the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria we are all in. Ritual killing is unlawful and negates peace.”

He, however, urged governments at all levels to intervene before it goes out of hands.

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