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Oh Nigeria National Grid, why convulse always

Up NEPA! … but it collapses again.

Oh! how many time would you continue to convulse, oh Nigeria national grid. Why always in collapsing mode at the critical points of daily national need, oh Nigeria national grid?

Oh! Just designed to operate within certain limits, stability limits, in line with voltage, current, and frequency.  Grid is a network of electrical transmission lines connecting a number of generating stations to loads over a wide area.

As Nigeria is now in power state failure. Dear Nigerian esteemed customers, regrets to inform that the power outage being experienced in many franchise states is due to system collapse of the national grid beyond our human, technical and psychological expertise.

The economic evil in details. It was on Sunday, occurred at around 6.49pm, the outgoing electricity feeders of power distribution companies were cut off from source, leading to the shutdown and the collapse of the Nigeria national power grid.

Among many, it is another happening on the popular St. Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2022. The Nigeria national electricity grid suffered a total system collapse and caused power outages nationwide.

From over 3,000MW in April to as low as 10MW, the quantum of electricity on the grid crashed Reports had shown that another collapse of the grid occurred on Saturday, April 9, 2022. Meant for two hundred million populaces, such collapse is no good signal for any meaningful technological and economic developments of a serious nation.

And amid surges in petrol, gas and diesel prices, many Nigerians had been experiencing power cuts for weeks, terrible situation with bad significant effects on businesses and lives. Findings had earlier shown that the quantum of power on the grid as at Sunday evening was just 3,628.6 megawatts, but it was gathered that this crashed significantly in the evening leading to the eventual total grid collapse.

Confirming the convulsion, power outages in many franchise due to this grid Collapse, occurred at about 18:47pm that evening hence the loss of supply on all our outgoing feeders.

As power grid collapse is now a permanent feature. Between national greed and national grid, many helpless Nigerians are caught in this web of incessant electricity shortage. Making better life difficult for the common masses to enjoy.

Grid limits are out of the stability range, when the operation of the grid will become unstable and  collapse. Causing a total or partial loss of power on the network, usually caused by a fault significant enough to lead to high frequency.

Though, weather conditions too do affect the distribution network causing grid instability, but there are solutions available nearby. But despite this the politicians’ greed for power, most of whom lacked ideal power-packed strike of ideas capable of moving nation forward.

Raising many more concerns about the trajectory of the country’s power sector and by extension, the survival of businesses in the country. While the regime unable to stem the tide of Nigeria electricity chaos. Not knowing that better information is power, while good information is key in modern day electricity generation, distributions and supply.

It is however true that good education changes people, and people changes the world. With better and robust technologies and plenty of answers, Nigeria grid still on convulsion mode, explained by experts as if it defiles all human comprehensions and solutions.

Nigeria’s power grid collapsed twice in March, same number of times in April, the power generation on the system had continued to fluctuate due to various concerns such as gas constraint, water management challenges, gas pipeline vandalism, among many others unending challenges.

Top to bottom convulsion or what? That after seven and half years of an administration but still hanging in its own shadow while blaming previous governments.

Why light was the first to be created by the creator, should no doubt show and lead the way. What else do anyone excepted, reactions are many and always in negative stating the situation to be too worrisome, though, the blackouts were no longer new to many Nigerians power users.

Despite many insincere apologies for many immeasurable national inconveniences melt on impoverished citizens. Though, a notice from the Disco, signed and read in part, … inform esteemed customers of a system collapse, threw states under the Disco’s franchise area in total electricity blackout.

As a result of this development, all outgoing feeders are out and this has affected supply to customers in many north central states and that of eastern parts including Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo states.

Every good Nigerians are tired of these unending frivolous excuses. It is rather unimaginable that in this modern day and time, most homes and businesses are in darkness. With backups electricity inventions, but multiple white lies backup with no tangible reasons are spread in the news here.  And if you don’t know, asking around for help may not be a bad idea.

Many engaging technologies, hydro, solar, wind, thermal, and even nuclear, electricity generations technologies are abundant. And many more in views, because researches are still in motions.

Take or not, energy is life, we all need it, reinventing itself as the energy journey is us, humans. And to contribute to the sustainable development of the today climate changes. Nigeria must move forward together with modern day technologies towards the new energy.

With no confidence to stand trial of knowhow, every Nigerians challenged the heads of these organisations both private and government, bold enough in the open to come forward if he/she truly know onions of the job and of office, for every citizen wants better explanations on this, if any.

Please, give us affordable and constant electricity and stop beating the bushes. As if Nigeria is wants to be odd, making it the fifth this year despite the huge investments and resources, the story is still the same, Nigeria blackout now worsens Oh Nigeria national Grid, with available technological innovations, inventions and opportunities, our government commitment seems absent, and still on, causing widespread of electricity blackouts across many parts, including Kwara state and its environs.

Nigerians are truly and already used to perpetual darkness. Getting electricity flash of two hours’ maximum can never develop the nation’s economy to stand not to talk of competing with other developed economies of the world.

Except for a fishy face show, does it means that grid collapse would continue indefinitely. Or is it the humans or the machines that choose to always be in convulsion mode, many Nigerians want to know nothing else but the absolute truth.

*Ayo-Brown is a Snr System Analyst, he can be reached via

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