NIWOSEC ED berates Festus Kayamo on civil servants sanction threat

The Executive Director of Nigerian Workforce Strategy and Enlightenment Centre (NIWOSEC), Dr. David Kayode Ehindero has lambasted the Minister of State for Labour and Productivity, Festus Kayamo (SAN) over comment on civil servants sanction.

Recalled that the Minister during the 2022 Ministerial Service Award Programme for the labour sector in Abuja last week threatened that unproductive and incompetent civil servants will sanction henceforth.

The Minister had said ” with the performance management process put in place, it will sanction any worker discovered to be incompetent in the civil service. It will not be business as usual for unproductive civil servants.

Dr. Enhindero who is also the President of Nigeria Workers Group has taken a swift reaction to the Minister’s comment by saying “I want to say categorically that the Federal Government should not use backdoor strategy to sanction or sack Nigerian workers because they haven’t come out with yardstick/ perimeters to measure unproductive of civil servants.

“Nigerian civil servants are ever ready to work but the Government has failed in using them to execute projects and carrying out assignments that they can do? The Government rather seeks the services of consultants and contractors to do workers job where they can siphons money.

“So the Government should come out with platforms they will use to measure the unproductivity of civil servants let us know. I hope the Minister is not trying to play to the contentious of Nigeria Governors Forum (NGF) who suggested to federal government to payoff civil servants who are 50years old and above?

The Executive Director stressed that should these ill-advised is considered by the federal government Nigerian workers will mobilize en mass to protest against it.

According to him it’s important that the government should appreciate and use workers thereby seeing them as assets to the nation.

He said “The Government should introduce policies and strategies that these workers can key in for development not seeing workforce as liabilities. They should conduct training and retraining for the workers routinely because when you don’t channel these workers properly you will see them as liabilities.

“The Government should deploy the service of workers and properly appropriate funds for them who are ready to work not being underutilized.

On a related development, Dr. Ehindero stressed that the Governors Forum doesn’t have respect for the human resources in the country by calling the Federal Government to pay off workers above the age of 50years.

He said “any nation that doesn’t have respect for human resources will end up being moribund. Human resources should be accorded with high esteem in the country.

“Governors Forum are seeing workers as liabilities and it’s bad because they are not properly utilized.

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