Cricket: ICC GM Glenwright arrives Nigeria ahead of U-19 W/C qualifiers

William Glenwright, the general manager of development at the International Cricket Council (ICC), has arrived in Nigeria ahead of the U-19 men’s cricket World Cup African division 2 qualifiers starting on September 30.
Glenwright landed in Lagos in the company of Patricia Kambarami, the ICC development manager in Africa.
It was learnt that the pair would also visit Edo before arriving in Abuja on a trip tied to the upswing in cricket activities and the country’s cricket development index.
Uyi Akpata, president of the Nigeria Cricket Federation (NCF), said both activities were linked, although they were happening at separate ends.
“Nigeria’s recent developmental effort has aroused global interest and the consistent production of positive data to back active engagement in the sport means that we will continue to get important visits like this,” Akpata said.
“Like never before, we have had dedicated promoters of the sport on the NCF board and the audacious 250,000 yearly enrolment target for new cricketers across the country has seen our grassroots developmental team perform at unprecedented rate.
“The hosting of the ICC event is another feat that we have not taken lightly because of the facility and human capacity that had to be put in place. We are delighted to be seen for our potential and human capital investments and hopefully soon too our cricket talents.”
Nigeria has won three consecutive international awards in the last four years, including 2022 The Best ICC Social Impact Program which was awarded for the works done with cricket as a tool for social change at the internally displaced people’s (IDPs) camp in Edo.
Meanwhile, organisers said participating countries would begin to arrive at the Abuja venue of the qualifiers on Tuesday, with Sierra Leone expected as the early birds.
Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Ghana, Mozambique, and Botswana have all confirmed their arrival for Wednesday where they all will be joining Nigeria to fight for the three spots available for division 1 World Cup qualifiers.
Nigeria’s maiden cricket World Cup qualification was achieved with the men’s U-19 team.

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