…Nigeria declares prisons as ‘red zones’

The federal government has declared all correctional facilities across the country red zones, following incessant attacks and jailbreaks in recent times.
Mr Aregbesola said that the service now conducts periodic simulation exercises of attacks and responses in the riskiest facilities in the country.
He said that the service was also doing its best to prepare the operatives to respond to any such attack.
“Before Kuje attack, regrettably, that was not done, but since the attack, we now have what we call periodic simulation of attack and response.
Mr Aregbesola said the Kuje correctional centre was not breached for lack of security, stressing that Kuje had the best security even at the time it was breached.
He said that the service was improving on its weaknesses that led to the breach of the most fortified custodial facility in Nigeria.
The minister said the Nigeria Correctional Service now has the backing of high-powered armed agencies to support in defending the facilities.
According to him, the support of other armed security agencies will help to contain threats to custodial centres.
“Our facilities are now war fronts from what you have seen. We can no longer assume that threat to security in our facilities can only come from within as it used to be.
“Providing stations and bases to supportive armed agencies is to build up the security of our facilities,” he said.

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