Kwara North and the Emergence of Purposeful Leadership

Kwara North; is a senatorial district made up of 5 local government areas. From Edu to Moro to Patigi then to Baruten and Kaiama. It’s the senatorial district that houses the largest local government in terms of land mass in the state.

The region has It has arable land, and access to major rivers that transcends some of the communities and has one of the most youthful population anywhere in the country.

Politically, the region last produced the number one seat in 1992 when Shaaba Lafiagi was elected governor of Kwara State for 23 months.

Since the return of democracy in 1999, the Kwara North Senatorial District has struggled for relevance, especially in core developmental areas. The reason for this is not far-fetched and has a direct link to the missing element of leadership which has greatly undermined development in the region.

Nepotism, lack of vision, and gross negligence by representatives and successive governments at different levels have aggravated the poverty level. It’s very common for politicians to weaponize the challenges in the region towards greater exploitation; an act which leaves the region poorer and deprived of opportunities.

Another electoral year is fast approaching, but this time, there appears to be some sort of hope. Most especially in the renewed interest in the region and the fact that the people of Kwara North have now identified the problems and are keen to examine the different options that are available to solve the challenges.

Unlike before when the race is usually between the two major political parties in Nigeria, there are now more options available to the people. Among the leading voices of the new Kwara North is the New Nigeria Peoples Party’s Senatorial Candidate Dr. Kolo Baba Jiya; a retired Custom boss whose sincerity and solutions-driven approach are winning the hearts of the people of Kwara North.

Born in Gakpan in the Kpada district of Patigi Local Government area. Kolo Jiya has been described as the unifier and it is rightly so. He immersed himself in major community development interventions long before he answered the yearnings of the people to come and serve.

He offers practical and sustainable solutions to many of the problems of the region. Has a strong and enviable relationship across boards and loves to engage people at all times.

Kolo Baba Jiya might be new to politics but not to impactive sustainable development projects, his success story is that of the average Kwara Northerner. He rose steadily in his profession due to his honesty and diligence. He embodies the new Kwara North; a place where dreams can become realities.

He does not claim to know it all and that is why he is getting the most attention from the people who desperately need to breathe an air of relief.

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