Breaking: Kwara LP Gubernatorial candidate adopts Yaman

says A A government built on deceit

By Ahmed Ajikobi

The Kwara State Labour Party gubernatorial candidate, Mr Basambo Abubakar, has adopted People Democratic Party governorship candidate Abdulahi Yaman Shuaib as the Governorship and state house of Assembly election approaches.

Abubakar made this known at the press conference held at the Nigeria Union of Journalist Council, Kwara State on Monday that he wants a great kwara that works for all where transparency and accountability will be the order of the day.

“As a genuine Kwaran with a life-long dream of experiencing a greater Kwara that works for all and where transparency and accountability, innovations in governance and genuine pro-people are a fundamental foundation of her leadership. It is this dream that motivated my gubernatorial aspiration as a true path of aggregating and inspiring like-minds to birth that Greater Kwara. “ He added.

According to him, it is glaring that, the state government led by governor Abdulrahman AbdulRazaq rules the state through dishonesty and lacking intelligent ideas.

“Having witnessed the pattern of government and leadership in the last Four years, the reality in Kwara is a government built on deceit; run on pretenses; and led through dishonesty and lacking intelligent ideas or inspiring agenda.

“ From lack of transparency in the financial management of the state to the shallow thinking in envisioning of a greater Kwara to outright financial banditry of the state revenue and a divisive leadership, it is glaring that the state government of APC led by Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq cannot deliver that Greater Kwara of our dream.

“While I am very passionate about this dream, I am equally pragmatic to believe that great Kwarans need to align their dreams and political ambitions and work together to defeat a leadership that steeped in pedestrianism and pettiness as exemplified by the Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq-led administration.

“Therefore, having seen the situation in our dear state so far, I and my supporters, including my political structure, have decided to align our ambition with a party that represents greater prospect; form a unity government and birth a working Kwara to rescue our today as well as our tomorrow from further decadence. ”

He explained that,’ I’m combining efforts with the People’s Democratic Party and Alhaji Abdullahi Shuaib Yaman to birth our collective dream for a prosperous Kwara. It is this my conviction that my personal ambition cannot be bigger than a collective opportunity to provide an all-inclusive governance, which I and my party will be part of. I hereby call on our esteem supporters across the board in all local governments and wards to cast their votes for the governorship candidate of the PDP, Alhaji Abdullah Shuaib Yaman.

“Because we have both decided to work together as a team to provide the true leadership needed to make Kwara a greater state, which is in tandem with my aspiration as the governorship candidate of the Labour Party in Kwara state.

Meanwhile! As we work to form a unity government with the PDP in the state, our party remains committed to getting back the mandate of our leader and presidential candidate Mr. Peter Obi as he continues to fight for justice in the court.”

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