Epileptic power supply in kwara: Regional Manager, IBEDC gives reasons, promises full electricity during Sallah 

By Ahmed Ajikobi


For the past three days, there has been total instability in electricity power supply in kwara state making life very difficult for members of the public, especially in Ilorin ,the state capital.

Many soft drinks sellers, welders, among others have been left lamenting as they resort to generating set to meet their immediate electricity needs in their various business arenas.

When contacted by the National Pilot, the regional manager of the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company PLC(IBEDC), Mr. Gabriel Eze said the lack of electricity supply was due to too much of rain breeze that is affecting the wires and poles.

“For the past three days now, we have been having too much of rain that is affecting our power lines. We have been working seriously on restoring it back.”

According to him, the poor electricity supply being experienced by the people across the state for the past few days, was not due to a major fault, but the storm affecting the wires and the poles, stressing that once the wires touched each other, it will trip off.

“What we normally do is, once the rain stops we will try the feeder again. Those wires that touch themselves that went off we will restore them back. Those that did not pick up when we tried the feeder, we will go on patrol and restore them quickly. “

Eze promised Kwarans that, everything will be solved and also assured Kwarans that they are going to enjoy full electricity during and after Sallah.

“ We are all going to enjoy Eid kabeer celebration with full electricity power supply. I’m on ground, and my men are are also on ground.”

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