Kwara community exposes govt on healthcare success claim

....mobilises money for health centre rehabilitation 

By Ahmed Ajikobi


Contrary to the success story being flaunted by the Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq administration on healthcare delivery, the story emanating from Igosun community in Oyun local government area indicates that there are still communities in the state which are suffering neglect in healthcare delivery.

National Pilot checks revealed that communities in kwara South which include, Ola, Omupo, Oro-Ago as well as Igosun are not enjoying the best of healthcare delivery from the state government as their primary health centres are in deplorable condition.

The primary health centre in Igosun was built during the 3rd Republic when Shaba Lafiagi was governor, it was gathered.

The health facility has since lapsed into deplorable condition, due to many year of neglect by successful administrations.

” The primary health centre is in bad shape. You will weep if you see its present conditions “, a community leader who spoke on condition of anonymity told National Pilot.

According to him, the Igosun community has embarked on raising funds to rehabilitate the health centre.

“We are raising N5 million for the rehabilitation. So far,N2 million has been raised. Sons and daughters of the community have been taxed to make contribution” he said.

The source who stated further that lack of health facilities is causing the Igosun people so much pains, expressed outrage over the blanket claim of healthcare delivery by the government. He wondered where the government spent the reported N9.2 billion it claimed to have spent on healthcare delivery across the state.

” It is true, they have rebuilt some health centres, but many have not been touched at all. So , the blanket claim of achievement in the primary healthcare delivery across the state is incorrect. There is so much propaganda by this government. Many people may have been fooled by this propaganda, but the Igosun people have seen the reality.

” Go to, Oro-Ago and Omupo and some other communities in kwara South, the conditions of the health centres there will make you weep. Igosun people are industrious people who will not normally wait for the government before embarking on community development, because we believe government cannot do everything.

” If the government comes to our aid in the health centre rehabilitation, we will welcome it and be grateful. However, while waiting for government intervention, the community is marching on in the rehabilitation drive “, he concluded.





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