By Saliu Olanrewaju Lah


The Registry of any University plays a pivotal role in the efficient functioning of the institution, managing student records, academic processes, and administrative duties.

The appointment of delectable Barr. Mansur Alfanla in April, 2023 to lead the Registry team signified a positive development in the annals of University of Ilorin administration.

Barr. Alfanla as he is popularly called joined the service of University of Ilorin in 1998 and he left no one in doubt that he was poised to achieve greatness and get to the peak of his career.

Rising through the ranks, Barr. Alfanla left indelible marks in every of his postings, from the Establishment Office as it was then known, Admission Office, Council Office, Academic Support Services, Postgraduate School and other units in the University.

He learned the ropes of administrative astuteness from the Establishment gurus like Mr M T Balogun, Mrs O O Oyeyemi, Mr E D Obafemi, Mrs F M Olowoleni(all former Registrars of University of Ilorin) who not only mentored him but inspired him to becoming the ‘wizard’ Registrar today.

In terms of leadership and experience, Barr. Alfanla brought a wealth of experience and leadership qualities to his role as the head of Registry. With a sound background in law and mass communication, he has proven to be well equipped to handle the complex operations of the Registry Department. His previous roles in both legal and administrative capabilities have prepared him to navigate the challenges inherent in managing a university registry.

His organizational skills, problem solving abilities, and strategic vision made him a capable leader for the Registry.

Barr. Alfanla is also known for his commitment to excellence and his dedication to upholding the highest standards of professionalism. Under his leadership, the Registry in the last one year has undergone positive changes that have enhanced its efficiency and effectiveness.

His emphasis on accuracy, transparency, and integrity has undoubtedly contributed to the overall improvement of the operation of the Registry department. Barr. Alfanla commitment to excellence has ensured that the University of Ilorin’s Registry will maintain its reputation for reliability and quality service delivery.

In an era of technological advancement and digital transformation, Barr. Alfanla has brought modernization and innovation within the Registry. By leveraging on technology and implementing best practices in information management which has helped to streamline administrative processes, reduce paperwork and data security. His forward-thinking approach has enabled the Registry to adapt to the evolving needs of the university system.

In the areas of collaboration and communication, Barr. Alfalfa’s interpersonal skills and ability to work with diverse stakeholders has made him an uncommon leader to lead the Registry of the University of Ilorin. By fostering a culture of teamwork, transparency, and open dialogue. He has in the last one year created a harmonious work environment that promotes productivity and mutual respect. His inclusive leadership style encourages input from staff members, students and other stakeholders in the system, ensuring that the Registry operates cohesively and in alignment with the university’s goals.

As the captain of the team in the Registry and custodian of rules and statues of the University, he introduced a mentoring program where Junior Administrators are co-opted by Principal Assistant Registrars who are Secretaries of various Committees to participate in committee assignments and are taken through the rudiments of administration and leadership.

Under his leadership in the last one year, several committees have been set up and also strengthening the existing ones, which aimed at improving the service delivery of the Registry department. It is on record that the mass posting he carried out shortly after his assumption of office was one of the biggest in the history of the University of Ilorin Registry. This has really helped in terms of enhancing productivity and efficiency and also in line with the objectives of the University.

His achievement as a union leader cannot be overemphasized as he championed the cause of staff welfare and constructive engagement with the university management as against being confrontational. He served as the Secretary, and later Chairman of the Unilorin branch of Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities. As a result of his achievements at the branch level, he was later elected as national officer of the Union.

In terms of aligning himself with the vision and mission of the Vice Chancellor in the area of training and retraining, Barr. Alfanla sought the approval for non teaching staff to benefit from the Learned Conferences organized by the Center For Management Development where over 70 staff members attended the training both in Lagos and Ibadan respectfully.

In conclusion therefore, the appointment of Barr. Mansur Alfanla in the last one year as the Registrar of the better by far university has revolutionized the operation of the Registry and influenced the attitude of staff members in the area of service delivery to the diverse stakeholders in the university community. With Barr. Alfanla at the helm, the Registry of the University of Ilorin is indeed in good hands.

My fervent prayers for him is Allah’s continued guidance, enjoyable sound health and a glorious tenure of office.


Saliu Olanrewaju Lah is a Senior Assistant Registrar, Academic Support Services (Senate), University of Ilorin, writes in commemoration of the one year anniversary of Barr. Mansur Alfanla

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