A book inspired me to start my own business -CEO Stasanx Global Ventures



Like the saying that ‘knowledge is power,’  Mr. Samuel Adebayo Afolabi, the Chief Executive Officer of Stasanx global multi Ventures, was inspired to start his own business after reading a book.
The Lagos State based entrepreneur expressed belief that it is more profitable to be an employer of labour.
His company is into exportation of charcoal to overseas.
The graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University explained: “I read a book titled  ‘Rich dad, Poor dad’  and built on the principles the author used in achieving his vision to become an employer of labour.
” The business idea came when my partners in Europe sought my view about charcoal exportation. I didn’t take it  serious because I felt it was something I couldn’t do. Can you imagine asking me to arrange for about 1,000 tons monthly that’s  a million kilogram. But when I came to Kwara, I realised that it was achievable. ”
For the development and expansion of his business,  Adebanjo said he has attended several capacity building training both home and abroad.
On his advice to the youths he said “Kwara is a nice place to do business, there are lots of opportunities, I pray our youth can tap from this countless opportunities. There’s no need to look for white collar jobs when you can be your own boss and even employ others to work for you.
“We have lots of unemployment today because our youths are not creative. When God created man he gave us the power to be creative, inner mind, ability to solve our immediate environment Mark Zuckerberg, Dangote,  BillGate discovered a problem and then find solution to it today. Many youth today struggle to go to University even when they don’t need it, they struggled to pay school fees and others but because they lack insight they end up being helpless.”
The secret of success of his business, according to him lies on honesty, noting that he deals with international communities,  especially Europeans who harp on qualitative  services.
He said, ” They don’t believe in 99% good but want perfect job. I could remembered my first container when I was unable to load 20 tons charcoal. I called my partner who is a Nigerian but based in Europe that I was unable to load 20 tons and that the container is almost in Lagos to my surprise he  scolded me and said I should recall the trailer, offload and reload it to get the 20 tons. Mind you I needed to employ workers to sort the charcoal, there shouldn’t be  stones, partially burnt wood or dust, and it must be accurately weighed.
” Our services doesn’t end at just buying and selling charcoal but getting the quality, non sparkling and long lasting burnt charcoal. My charcoal will last for about 5 hours. Moisture not more than 7%  in fact there are standard not just charcoal you burn with just any wood.
According him, the challenges of the business include unfaithful workers, transporters’  fraudulent acts and bad roads among others.
He urged all tiers of government to ensure that roads are motorable.


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