CURRENT ISSUES: Boko Haram: People with powers, impeding efforts



In this interview with our JUDICIARY CORRESPONDENT, KAYODE ADEOTI, a lecturer of law at the University of Ilorin, Kwara State, Dr Folorunsho Ahmad Hussein speaks on the issues of looted funds this present government has recovered, the killings in the country and other issues. Excerpts:

Many people have been asking questions on what the present government intend to achieve with the looted fund recovered…?

To the best of my knowledge, this government is trying on this issue and the Economy and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) is giving an update over it. Few weeks ago, we read how EFCC highlighted the amount they’ve recovered in naira, dollars Euro and pounds. The problem we have in the country is that, we’re not patient enough. When things are terribly bad, before it is put alright again, it takes time and everything has procedure. EFCC cannot recover money and government will just start spending it. There are procedures through which this money will be utilised. This impatient nature of Nigerians is what we’ve been experiencing in the past and it is affecting us. What led to the impatience is bad leaders of various administrations we’ve had in the country. Many things have gone wrong and it will take stages before they are fixed. We need to build this country together through governance and patience. People want things to happen like magic, it’s not done like that. The processes of building this country is like farming. A farmer who put maize in the ground to germinate will wait for the minimum of three months to be ready for consumption. This government has done a lot of things. This government has done enough in terms of recovering money and other things. If government start making use of the looted found without following due process, it is the same Nigerians that are crying now that will come to say the action is lawless.

Some months ago, President Buhari put in place, enforcement of Order Executive 06, how has this impacted the country?

The issues challenging the veracity of this government are much within the presidential cabinet. Many people do not want this administration to succeed. On the executive order, we don’t need to belabour ourselves in order to ascertain the authenticity and legality of that order, the vice President is a vibrant lawyer, he’s a Senior Advocate of Nigeria and a professor of law who knows the integrity of what the law says. Before the issuance of such order, they must have done the appropriate things through the office of VP who is learned, that is why no one has gone to court to challenge the legality of that order. Now the implementation and its efficacy becomes an issue, when the names were first published, Federal Government denied releasing it out, it was rather fabricated and none of those mentioned has cried out over any fowl play.

(Cut in) …we learnt oppositions parties have gone to court to challenge the order…?

Nothing has come out of it, anybody can go to court for flimsy excuses, the learned judges know the best place to put such case. If the order was bad, the Amnesty International would have cried out to challenge it but we’ve not heard anything of such.

Killings of both soldiers and civilians in this present administration by Boko Haram insurgency seems to be on alarming rate, why has the issue defiled solutions or how best can it be managed?

Of all the challenges we’ve been having in Nigeria, the issue of killings makes me cry. Why should we be killing ourselves. On the issue of Boko Haram, those at the helms of affairs doesn’t allow effort to yield, from my own analysis, the government is working but those around Buhari have been impeding the efforts. Any human being having blood flowing in his or her veins will feel uncomfortable with the killings that is fast prevailing in the country. What we need most to combat this issue is prayers to eliminate those enemies of Nigeria progress.



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