Day magistrate denied me audience for forgetting to wear beep



Abdulfatah Amosa secured his Diploma in Law from the Kwara State Polytechnic in 2003. He proceeded to the River State Science and Technology for his LL.B and graduated in 2013. He did his Legal attachment in Port-Harcourt, Oloriegbe & Co. in 2017. He joined the State Ministry of Justice upon his return to Ilorin as a State Counsel 1, he rose through the ranks to become Senior State Counsel. Amosa is currently in the Department of Office of the Public Defender (OPD), Ministry of Justice. He shares with our JUDICIARY CORRESPONDENT, KAYODE ADEOTI, his most dauting moment in court. Excerpts:

I can recall vividly this particular day in court this year, 2018. What happened to me in court that day was so dramatic, that I cannot forget, it not even in a hurry.

On this fateful day, I have a matter before an High Court judge and before one of our magistrates here in the state as well.

When I finished my matter at the High Court, I removed my beep and kept it inside the bag, so, I entered the Magistrate Court unknowingly without it. The Judge noticed that I was not properly dressed, then said ‘Mr Amosa, you have no audience before me,’ I was surprised with such order coming from him so I looked around me, then I realised that I’ve removed my beep. I had to demand from the court to stand down the matter for me so that I can wear the beep. It was one day I always remember looking back.


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