‘I ventured into business to avoid frustration of joblessness’



Mr. Aiyenigba Tobi is the Chief Executive Officer of Toubie’s Creations, an industry that is into manufacturing of shoes, bags, belt among others.

He conceptualised his business idea so as not to search for limited white-collar jobs.

He said, ” When I finished my first degree and served some years ago, I couldn’t imagine going through the stress of having to submit my Curriculum Vitae everywhere and experience the frustration of joblessness.

“So I decided to start up my own business and work for myself with the dreams of becoming an employer of labour.

He therefore set up his shop and started customising shoes, bags and other fashion accessories for economic gain.

Aiyenigba enthused that in no time his business attracted huge patronage because of his unique services.

“What makes our services unique is the fact that we are offering top notch quality to people at lesser prices than they will get anywhere. We also train people to become their own bosses. This has made us standout,” he added.

The CEO urged youths to be more creative and not rely completely on white-collar job.

He stressed that white collar job is good but not situable in a country like Nigeria where workers are owed salary arrears for a long period of time in both government establishment and corporate organisations.

According to him, entrepreneurship is definitely the way out in the 21st century, adding that it pays to be self-reliant.

On the challenges faced, he noted that the competition is stiff as more people are embracing entrepreneurship.

He added that getting customers and retaining them has become a challenge as it keeps him on his feet all the time to update the quality in line with the contemporary time.

He emphasised that “doing business in Kwara is good. It only depends on who your core customers are and what you deliver to them.”

He expressed optimism of expanding his business to other states of the federation with time.


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