Studying recipe captivates my baking passion – CEO Eltees cake Affairs



Mrs Lolo Taiwo is the Creative Director of Eltees Cake Affairs located in the heart of Ilorin. She is into baking different kinds of cake for wedding ceremony, birthday, graduation party, naming ceremony, send forth event, among others.

The entrepreneur unveiled her undiluted vision, stating that the passion to become an employer of labour in order to put food in other people’s table remains her satisfaction from the initial stage of her life.

According to her, she started as a hobby baker from the budding stage and went further to get recipe in order to actualize her burning desire.

She said “I started as a hobby baker after I bought a recipe book with about a thousand recipes and my husband motivated me to bake a cake by just following the recipe thereby making my dream come into reality.

To expand and put a touch of expertise, creativity into the business, Mrs. Taiwo acquired formal training after she lost her white collar job some decades ago. 

The creative baker stressed that the taste of her products and quality of service rendered to customers make her outstanding in the market as she is putting plans together to go beyond the shores of Ilorin, Kwara state capital.

Mrs. Taiwo emphasised that other guiding principles for a successful business lies on hard work, commitment, conducting market feasibility studies and the ability to monitor and supervise your own business with a changing customers desire.

“The business was initially challenging but over time, things have gotten better. I had to do a lot of online marketing and contacts to get into the system and we are gradually building the brand”.

“Desiring a white collar job is good, but having a skill is even better. Whatever you do get a skill.

According to her some people believe Ilorin is laid back so don’t really want to pay much for things but the situation is gradually changing with a lot of super malls and entertaining events coming into the city.


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