Unilorin lecturer orders 400 level students to raise hands for noise making



…another personally serves food to class 

Pictures captured moment a Unilorin lecturer ordered 400 level students of the institution to raise their hands for making noise have gone viral on the social media.

According to the posts, 400 level students of the Department of Chemical Engineering of the University of Ilorin were seen raising their hands by an unidentified lecturer for allegedly making noise.

Although the exact day the incident took place was not stated, however, the pictures have continued to spark controversy online with many accusing the lecturer of being bullish and unprofessional. They opined that students in higher institutions shouldn’t go through such humiliation and that they are expected to be treated as adults. For others, they blamed the nations education system for such action.

Reacting to the incident, a social media user, with the ID, itiswellandwell, he said, “ Education is a joke in Nigeria. Most especially with the set of archaic and ancient professors and lecturers you have in most higher institutions.

On her part, themosthigh wrote, “How can adults be convinced to do this due to threat of punishment. That is to show you that these people can easily be enslaved again should the white man appear with his guns.”

For another social media commentator identified as Blooody, he wrote, “They should be flogged and battered. I applaud the lecturer for this excellent work. No age is above punishment even a man of 80 years should be flogged if he goes in the wrong direction.”

In his submission, Xander85 said, “I think in this instance, it’s better not to do strong-head and try to claim right…that’s if you don’t want to be marked out by the lecturer as one to be dealt with. More so if your GPA is on shaky ground.”

In a related development, the pictures of another lecturer of the Water Engineering Department of same institution, Mr Okeola Gafar personally serving the students food in the class were being circulated online on Tuesday.

Gafar was said to have surprised the students with the gesture which was reportedly to mark the end of lectures for the semester.

According to reports, Gafar stormed the class with about 200 packs of food and drinks said to be worth N100, 000 and personally served his students.



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