What’s your greatest fear about marriage?



Actually there are a ton of fears about marriage. Consequently, some people stay away from the institution girl some people reluctantly get hitched with their partner. Therefore, AMINAT BABATUNDE sampled opinions on people’s biggest fears about marriage.

Shuaib Abdulkadir (Special Assistant on Media to the Speaker, Kwara State House of Assembly) – Inability to provide for my family: My greatest worry has been how to always provide for my family.

Right from the childhood, it has always been on my mind that when I am actually ripe for marriage, I will not hesitate to start raising my family. However, the greatest fear is not to be able to provide for my family. Allah has subdued this fear by His mercy.

Surajuden Abidoun (Civil Servant) – Getting the right choice of partner: Firstly, marriage is as old as the first man on earth and it has different meaning to different people. But if you are in it for the desired purpose you will have nothing to fear. I have been married for ten years and I swear l have never nursed regret over my marriage.  But getting the right choice is always challenging. Only Allah can give you the perfect choice because what you think is best for you might not be the best and what you hate may be the best. Remember no human is perfect, but tolerance and understanding takes one far in marriage.

Ambali Akeem Jaji (Businessman) – Having to father children that are not mine: The fear in relationship is when you sponsored your fiancee to higher institution and she later married another person. In marriage if you take care of the children; give them sound education and the mother later claimed that you are not the biological father.

Fatima Bintu Abubakar (Teacher) – Stingy husband: The greatest fear in marriage is stingy husband because stinginess can make marriage to collapse; it can block progress of individuals and the family.

Ibrahim Saheed Oriyomi (Civil Servant) – Joblessness: Well before I got married, I feared if I would be able to take care of a decent woman because I was unemployed. I do not fear anything in marriage other than joblessness. If one is financially okay one’s family will not suffer.

Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed (Activist) – Divorce: Not having happy home is my greatest fear as regards marriage. Once there children, I fear divorce, as they are the ones that will bear the brunt. I don’t want my children to hate me because children feel bad about their children’s separation


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