Who would you prefer — a faithful but stingy spouse or a cheating but generous one?



It is the desire of everyone to have a faithful partner who is also generous. But, it is only a small percentage that find a spouse who has both attributes. Therefore, AMINA BABATUNDE ask people the kind of partner they would prefer between a partner who is faithful but stingy and one who is unfaithful but generous.

Hammed Adedayo (Media consultant) – Stingy and faithful spouse: As for me, I don’t really need anything from my spouse than for her to be faithful. I believe a faithful spouse can save me a lot of trouble such as sexually transmitted disease among many other things. Also, I believe there’s nobody that cannot change. I will try and change her from being stingy.

Kamal Alfanla – All men cheat: I will go for a cheating and generous spouse. This is because all men cheat. The stingy one will also cheat. That is the truth.

Ikpo Kelechi (Businessman) – Stingy and faithful: Healthwise, it is wise to go for a stingy and faithful partner because someone that cheats can contact virus and infect his/her spouse.

Ahmed Olayinka Muritala (Teacher) – I’ll be okay with stingy spouse: Stingy and faithful spouse is a bit preferable. After all, I’ll not be asking her for money.

Alarape Abiodun Hafsat (Businessman) – I’ll go for generous: I will go for a generous man. Why should I love someone that will be cheating on me.

Toyeebah Arinola Abdul (Businesswoman): A stingy man will not enjoy himself, so also his family will not enjoy him, while a cheating husband will not allow peace to reign in the home. A generous man can kill his wife and himself with his generosity. However, I will go for the stingy and faithful spouse because as a woman, I know how to get whatever I want from my husband.

Jimoh Saheed (Sales rep) – None: None of it, But if I must choose stingy n faithful spouse is manageable, that is slightly better.
Robiu Bolaji Alhkalee – Generous spouse: I’m a generous person, so I will go for a generous partner. I want someone who can touch lives just like me.


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