How to avoid stray bullets

1.The best way is to be somewhere else when the shooting’ starts. If you can see some conflict is getting out of control and fear gunplay is next, scram! Get out of there and go somewhere else.

2.Avoid going places where gunfire is/has been frequent or is expected to be.

3.If you hear gunfire drop to the ground, stay low and seek cover. Cover is something that stops bullets. Things that hide you from view but don’t stop bullets are called concealment. Don’t assume parts of building are cover as they may only be facades that emulate something solid (i.e. decorative columns). Don’t dawdle, move!

4.As soon as you find cover, look around for better cover and/or an escape route that offers cover along the way. Identify the source or direction of the gunfire and move away from it if you can. Laterally is best (i.e. down a side street) or getting inside a concrete building (then look for a rear exit).

5.Vehicles are not entirely cover. To a bullet they’re mostly empty space interrupted by easily penetrated thin barriers. If you take cover behind a vehicle, put the engine between you and the source of gunfire and position yourself behind a wheel & tire. If you can’t hide behind the engine, a wheel & tire offer fairly good protection if you can scrunch down enough.

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