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Olopoewa warn youths against cultism

By Ahmed Ajikobi

The Imam of Agaka central mosque, Asa Dam area, Ilorin has warned youths in the state against cultism and its activities adding that it can earn them the wrath of Allah.

While delivering his sermon (Khutba) during the Jumua’t service on Friday, the cleric said it is the lack of Islamic knowledge and the fear of the unknown that has led youths to join secret societies in the state all in the name of seeking protection.

He stressed need for Muslims to always rely on Allah who created everything and has the power to protect His servants rather than the illusion of worldly deceits.

According to him, it is  regrettable that cultism which was established in the first place to attack Islam has gained prominence and continued to rise astronomically in Ilorin.

He said “The cult has now become the means of protection where everybody who hitherto belief Allah run to for mercy and protection.”

“The act goes against the will of Allah, His prophets and the Glorious Qur’an and the wrath of the Creator awaits anybody that run to cultism to seek protection. Allah (SWT) has already tasked us not to find help in any other places except from Him who has the power and dominion to assist those calling for help.

He said the issue has become worrisome, which has seen notable members of the society like doctors, lawyers, senators, presidents, governors, ministers, politicians and religious leaders among others as members in the name of seeking for worldly power, wealth and safety.

Olopoewa who queried “What are our needs in this life that warrants such demand to join deadly group?”, lamented that weapons ordinarily dreaded back in the days are now like toys in the hands of the youths who have turned habitual killings of themselves to fun.

He urged parents to play their role in the lives of their children and continue to strictly monitor them and act fast where necessary.

“Parents should advice their children with references to the Qur’an and preach to them about God. Those who fear Allah are those who do things according to Allah’s instruction and Muslims should not misuse the opportunity given to them by Allah but strive to earn His reward and Supreme pleasure which is paradise.

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